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When are the cheapest flights to be had?

Asked by is_that_it (13points) April 23rd, 2009

Is there a site where I can view the cost of a RT flight to a destination over a calendar year? I’d like to travel when the cost is lowest.

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These aren’t always easy to predict given unknowns like the economy and cost of oil, but Farecast can help you nail this down a little better

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It depends on where your going and where your starting. Different airlines focus on different communities.

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Regardless.. Alegiant Air has some real smokin’ deals….

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As figbash said, it is hard to say, as you also have to consider supply & demand. A lot of cheap airlines have tickets available cheaply in advance, yet if you book closer to the date of the flight then the cost will have increased although it is the same ticket, essentially. Check Farecast, or even use some comparison sites, but it is hard to get a real overview.

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