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What do you really think about the casual encounters section of Craigslist?

Asked by estella (17points) April 23rd, 2009

Lets make this a good discussion!

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I think it’s hilarious to read. I read it with an X some time back and we thought it would be funny to post a picture of her with an ad that she was looking for some action. She had like 100 e-mails in less than an hour, and reading THOSE was absolutely hilarious.

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Yeah, I read them sometimes when I’m bored and I find them pretty entertaining.

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They’re usually a riot.
But if you’re asking what we think about them in a moral way, I think it’s fine. To each their own.

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Honestly I think half of them people just put up for fun, like Westy. Most of them are so ridiculous!!

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I think its an awesome way for murderers to find victims.

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It’s nothing new, it’s just more publicly accessible now.
It’s definitely not for me.

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I’ve never seen it until today out of curiosity from this question but personally, I think it’s kind of creepy and gross but as Likeradar says, to each their own.

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Our local law enforcement entities eye that part of Craig’s List very closely because a lot of “working girls” have switched from street corners to online venues such as Craig’s List.

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I somehow fished my boyfriend out of that garbage. A diamond in the rough. He and I are now madly in love with each other.

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@peyton_farquhar I’m trying to be respectful when I ask this though I’m afraid there’s no way to be PC about asking this.

Are you ever concerned your boyfriend may go back there?

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Not at all. I was browsing the page for shits n’ giggles, like most people do, and he posted there instead of in MfW because it’d be easier to weed out the spammy responses. I really don’t see how the circumstances of our meeting are any different from meeting in a bar, or a chat room, or at a party. It was just random luck.

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@peyton_farquhar ill laugh when i see you on the news

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@Triiiple how will you know who I am?

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I think its disgusting. People don’t have many morals anymore or self-respect.

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@peyton_farquhar – Glad I’m not the only one. I was reminded by my girlfriend that we met on the casual encounters section. Her email was so smart, funny, and cute that I just had to meet her. We actually didn’t hook up, but we had a great night out together and then started hanging out a lot. A couple months later, we were dating.

@Triiiple – I can’t believe how mean-spirited and judgemental you are being with peyton. Why is it your business, and honestly, what do you care, how someone met their significant other? Also, that “I’ll laugh when I see you on the news” comment was simply snarky and uncalled for. You care so much that you’d laugh if s/he got murdered? Nice.

Frankly, I think meeting someone in a bar is a worse start for a relationship than meeting someone online. Either way, you sometimes get lucky.

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I read craigslist as a time waster. It’s entertaining.

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@peyton_farquhar and @AlenaD: what did your ads say?

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I didn’t save the ad.. I think it was mainly like, I’m this old, this is what I look like, I’m looking for nothing serious, just some fun, this is what I’m attracted to, etc. I also said “women only.. men, I am not interested in your dangle.” She got a kick out of my use of the word “dangle”.

Anyway, I was in the midst of a painful breakup and wanted some distraction. I wasn’t sure whether I’d go through with it or not, but at the very least, I wanted to meet some people and have fun. I was seriously not expecting a response from someone so intelligent and funny, so I was intrigued and wanted to meet her whether we ended up hooking up or not.

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I can’t stand the way that Craig’s list is laid out. How about chaging up the font or introducing a color. It’s so monotonous to navigate sales listings.

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Oh, come on! How could they make it easier to get an STD?

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