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What is your idea of a perfect date?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26372points) February 13th, 2013

Activities that you would really enjoy doing going out on a date. What do you usually like to do first? Do you plan a lot or prefer to be spontaneous? Please take us step by step as to how your perfect evening date will go.

Btw, what are the chances two jellies would give almost exactly similar answers which would result into an actual date? : )

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I like the traditional dinner date, followed by something else. Maybe a walk on the beach, sleigh ride, etc.

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Best date is a visit to a zoo or botanical gardens with a picnic.

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Lunch in the city followed by a stroll in the park (lots of good talking time).

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Tandem skydiving in the nude, followed by a real bank robbery and getting away with it.

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A visit to a museum or art gallery, then dinner. If they don’t enjoy the museum/gallery they’re not a good match for me.

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I like to stay in, mostly. Good food (either cooked or ordered in), maybe a movie on DVD, lots of good conversation. Followed by sexy times.

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Warm night, moonlight, empty streets, fast acting chloroform, no resistance, no witnesses and a nice sauvignon blanc.

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@augustlan, you took the words right outta my keyboard!

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Well I know how girls love a guy who can take charge, be spontaneous and show her a night she’ll never forget. So this is what I like to do.

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The perfect date is the imperfect date where two imperfect human beings meet with all their strengths, their gentleness and their imperfections.

The perfect setting is the one without the word perfect. The word perfection only leads to misery and disappointment. The only domain where the word makes sense is math.

So a better question would be:

What is your idea of a great date?

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We find ourselves hanging out together with no plan. It just happens. Maybe we meet at an event of some kind. Maybe we’re just standing next to each other at a railing watching waves crashing on the cliffs below. We start talking and the conversation is easy and we find lots of commonalities so we decide to get some food and wine, and in the end, we spend the night together, and the rest of our days together.

Perfect. Unplanned. No date. Just having easy, relaxed fun. Connecting like powerful magnets. Never feeling a need to let go.

I don’t like dates. I don’t like the intention of them. I like it when things happen. That is more authentic and natural for me. I’m not making anything happen. The universe is taking over.

Of course, I can say this easily, since I’m married and I just about never dated in my life. It has always been easy for me, even when it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy when I was waiting for something to happen. The waiting was hard, but at least I didn’t have to date, even though, at the time, I thought I should be dating. But I could never bring myself to do it. Too chicken to ask anyone, I guess. But it worked out fine. Dating isn’t necessary. So why date? Unless you actually like it. [Shudder].

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I hate dating… those uncomfortable moments of silence tends to kill me, good idea of a best date to go to theme park and grab all the horror rides and than you don’t have to talk.

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A hot hooker and a bottle of booze. Slim to none.

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