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Do you think cooking will ever become obselete?

Asked by Facade (22902points) April 23rd, 2009

Are we headed toward a time where everything we eat is ready made? Would you mind if that happened?

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I would not mind having a “Fooderadicycle” Like on the Jetson’s! That way, everyone could push their own button and I would not have to cook only to hear, “I am not that hungry right now”.

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I don’t really think we’re headed in that direction. There will always be people who prefer many dishes homemade, because the quality is often better. There will always be people concerned about preservatives and other chemicals used in ready-made food and they will want to make their own. Not to mention that ready-made food can be expensive, often more expensive than buying individual ingredients and making the food yourself. Of course, I’m just thinking of food from the grocery store. Restaurant food is even more expensive.

Personally, I would mind if that happened. Not that ready-made food or restaurant food is bad, I eat plenty of it, but I think cooking is something a person should know how to do and there are so many things that individuals make that ready-made food doesn’t hold a candle to and there are plenty things people make that differ greatly from what other people cook. (Just thought I’d add that my parents love to cook and so do I).

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I would probably die. Most ready made foods contain soy in some incarnation or another (sot protein, soy isolate, most “vegitable oil” is actually just “soybean oil”). It’s the cheap filler sawdust of the new age, and I’m very allergic to it.

Plus, cooking is fun.

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I hope not, I love cooking.

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@westy81585: You stole my answer! I was going to say exactly the same thing. I love cooking too!
Plus it’s extremely important to me to know exactly what’s in my food. I don’t like most pre-packaged food because it has unhealthy ingredients like high saturated fat or hydrogenated oils, cholesterol, corn syrup, or too much salt or sugar.

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Not in my house. My wife is a cooking dirvish.

Plus, now that I work at a farm, I have easy access to all sorts of locally grown goodness.

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One can only hope.

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That will never happen so long as there are people who like food. Even if we can synthesize flavor and texture, it will never replace a good old fashioned Saturday afternoon summer barbeque.

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That has already happened at my house.

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Goodness I hope it doesn’t! How unhealthy would that be?
No I don’t think cooking will become obsolete.
For one too many people across the world don’t have access to prepackaged foods. Secondly, people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers in preservatives and pre-packaged foods.
And third: I think it’s also important to note how important food is in most cultures thus making cooking quite important as well.

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Like @chyna in our home the most underused room is the kitchen.

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Bring back the Automat! There wa s a Japanese-based modern version in the East Village, but it closed late last year. :(

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Cooking is way too much fun to ever become obsolete. Besides, how else can you get your food to taste precisely the way you like it if it all came from some factory somewhere.

And the Automat, too was a lot of fun, even if it didn’t involve cooking on the part of the patrons.

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Not as long as my wife is alive….

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no, the amount of chemicals that are in some of the food we eat now is just silly. I love fresh, hormone and antibiotic free food.

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