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Is it normal to be 16 and have a 3 and 1/2 inch penis when not erect?

Asked by ithinkiknowthis221 (18points) April 24th, 2009

my penis erect is only just over 5 inches an iv lost all confidence to have sex with a girl after hereing my friend (girl not girl friend)say its not good for most all girls is this true

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it’s not terrible. TV purports everyone has a 12” dick, which isn’t the case. especially if you’re just 16 – don’t sweat it.

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Penises keep on growing all through puberty. You might gain a couple inches yet, and you might not.

But, frankly, if all people want is 8 inches, well, there are rubber penises that you can order from catalogs for that. Technique matters, and other body parts – like tongues and fingers – can be even more useful than penises.

Also, to keep this in perspective: your friend probably has about as much experience with sex as you do. It’s very common to exaggerate experience and endowment, and doing so is usually a sign of insecurity.

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You’re still growing. Don’t sweat it :)

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It’s fine, don’t worry about it. If it were 1–2 in, then yes, it would be a major problem. But 5in is big enough to work with, and all you need to do is learn how to use it properly (and in collaboration with other parts of your body too). You can learn to please the ladies eventually. You’ll be fine :)

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Yes you are normal. 5–7 inches erect is normal. Flacid, guys can be split into two groups growers and showers. A grower is someone who’s penis is small when flacid but grows when erect. A shower is someone whos penis is large when flacid but which doesn’t really get any bigger when erect.

As for sex the average depth of the vagina is between 5–7 inches (notice the similarity there) and a penis much bigger then this will cause a female discomfort. It will also mean that most sexual positions are uncomfortable if not impossible. A lot of the females pleasure (and I have to admit I’m going on what I’m told here not personal experience) comes from external stimulation of the clitoris and not so much penetration which is easier if your bodies are right next to each other and not a foot apart because of your massive penis.

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I have been with smaller men and had better sex than with more well endowed men. And 5 inches is really not abnormal dont worry!!

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Don’t worry about it! You may keep growing, you may not. Either way, you’re fine. Worthwhile girls and women care waaay more about your kindness, sense of humor, and willingness to please than which side of average your penis falls on.

Also, I have never, ever cared what size a flaccid penis is.

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Quite normal. And it’s not so much the equipment, it’s who you do it with that matters.

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Congratulations! You have a grower and not a shower. You will never be in porn but so what! You are average and normal. Just wait a couple of years for sex anyway! You are too young and it will be better later with someone you really love.

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@Jack79 Very good point.

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Size doesn’t matter is a myth perpetuated by men with small weenies ;)

I only say that so people assume mine’s big tee hee

You’ll be okay, stud :)

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People always lie about their height, so just say you are 5 and a half inches and you’ll be right in there with the average man.

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I wasn’t aware that people thought 5 inches erect was small…

My oh my.

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Lol, Dan. Have you watched porn lately? Where do they find those damned mutants??? haha.

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The alarming thing is, if the distribution is normal, for every 8” penis on film, there’s a 2” penis somewhere, and for every 10” penis on film, there’s one that’s less than an inch.

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not really, but in theory it could have been so.

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So if you can find a twelve footer, there must somewhere be a negative penis? ZOMG. I guess the asker isn’t as badly off as he could be.

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It’s totally normal. And the lower end of average is my favorite and I know I’m not alone, so don’t lose confidence.

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For one your only 16 and two thats not a bad size I know of adults that are smaller than that so dont worry about it.

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@TaoSan hey! I’m not a mutant! Take it back! :P

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Friggin’ Tripod!

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I always used to say that size mattered!
But now that im a little more experienced i dont believe that at all! I believe its what you do with it that counts!
I had sex with some-one who had a pretty large penis but he wasnt good! It just depends on how you use it i think! Hope that helps!

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