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Do you know what family member is coming up the stairs or opening the door just by the way they do it?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) April 25th, 2009
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Yes, though the cat is much better at it than I am. I can generally guess. The cat always knows. He gets super excited when either of the boys comes home—he knows that means lots of love and attention. He is considerably less enthusiastic when the girl gets home. Usually because he already has the love and attention of the boys and because she’s less interested in him.

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By sound I should have put.

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Yep! I know who is walking around the house just by the sound of their footsteps!

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Son = Sound of size 12 1/2 feet stomping accompanied by a constant drone of grumbling and periodic loud slamming.

Daughter = Takes stairs two or three at a time and never walks when she can run, leap, skip or fly, so always accompanied by a strong breeze.

Husband = His walker squeaks.

Strangers = Just watch the dogs.

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Yes, they all have their own distinct sound. Interestingly enough, my 6’ 2” husband usually has the softest step of us all.

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wow, good question. let me be the first to agree family members do have tell-tale signature walks and entrances. i can tell in my sleep who is walking through the house. flat-footed sounds. softly closed doors. slammed doors. footsteps above and below. wearing house-shoes. barefoot. crouching tiger.

the teenager slams doors not realizing he is.
the little one walks slowly and sometime in a hurry.
the middle one is all feet on the floor.
the wife barrels down the hallway because she is paranoid about everything.

i walk softly.

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Absolutely. It’s comforting, because I know I’ll be able to recognize it if a stranger ever breaks into the house.

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I can tell what coworkers are walking around at work by the sound their keys make. They each have their own rhythm. It helps that one person inevitably has a squeaky boot! ;)

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In my own place I live alone.

I’m currently staying at my sister’s place, and there it’s quite obvious. Her husband has very loud and heavy footsteps, whereas she checks the cars outside, knows who’s home, and starts talking the minute she steps through the door.

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At home and at work I get to know people by their footsteps.

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I can tell where any member of my family is in the house at a given moment… My room in the only one on the bottom floor, which makes it particularly easy.

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i only live with my mother, but her boyfriend is staying with us for a month. i can tell who’s walking around by the way they open doors, and often footsteps too. my mother opens doors/walks more aggressively i think.

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Definitely. Of course, I only live with my husband and son…but, we have downstairs neighbors, but I can tell by the way they slam the door, that it’s them.
I can also recognize my parents footsteps, and my brother. My brother’s knees crack whenever he goes up stairs, and my mother is a heavy walker.

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Yes definately especially when I was living with parents still. However the dog tends to know when someone is near better than I do though, he always sits by the window about 5 mins before my hubby comes home, no matter what the time is :)

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