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Should I peak?

Asked by Offero (225points) April 25th, 2009

My ex girlfriend has an online diary, that she posts to daily. It is not locked or hidden, it is public. I find myself going to the web site every now and then, and every time I do I read something that makes me want to vomit. I am torturing myself, but can’t stop typing in the link. eventually I will forget about it, but until then tell me is it wrong to peak?

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Don’t do that to yourself, man. She has a life of her own. Let her go.

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you might find something you really dont want to see, I’d be cautious..

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I think you should not look anymore. I can understand why you want to look, but don’t. Just tell yourself it’s not important. It’s hard but you can. :)

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Are you on a mountain top? If you want to climb a rock, then sure. If you want to take a peek at an online diary that makes you want to vomit, then go ahead and torture yourself.

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It’s “peek”.

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****Edited**** I Fail.

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@jrfische It’s an ex-girlfriend

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@Offero: You may have peaked already.

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uh, what’s the URL?

sorry man, i retract the question

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Haaa. I thought this was going to be about coming to a peak…

but, you really need to stop reading it. Just stop.

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Think about what she’s doing when she’s creating those daily updates. She’s sitting alone, in the dark, typing on a keyboard, and telling the world what a good time she supposedly had. Sounds sick to me.
You’re free!

And I don’t give a rat’s a** about her URL.

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Why do you want to torture yourself? I would think your time would be better spent finding a new girlfriend.

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@AstroChuck ; I thought it was a sex question, you thought it wa a mountain question. How funny!

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She may be lying in the diary thinking that you are reading it.

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@Judi- What can I say? I like mountains. Especially twin peaks of fun flesh.
Sorry. I’m a guy. Everything has a sexual connotation.

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Not if you can help it, obviously you hurt so you can’t yet. Until your feeling of attachment fades you’ll have to weigh with yourself which is greater, your curiosity or your repulsion. With so many ways for people to “journal”, myspace, facebook, livejournal, twitter, etc. you’re bound to come across her now and then. The kindest move a broken up couple can do for each other if they don’t plan on retaining a friendship is to block each other from as many online sites as possible or at least reduce what content can be seen. Keep in mind if she’s not being very cautious with what she’s sharing via the public journal then she’s already taken into account you will probably be among the people to read it and she’s okay with what you read and how she thinks you might be reacting. Do you want to keep following up on someone who is knowingly being cruel to you?

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