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Standard vs. Automatic, pros cons whats your preference?

Asked by bright_eyes00 (1343points) April 26th, 2009

I have always had an automatic but I’m thinking about buying a standard for my next vehicle. What do you like/dislike about them?

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Standard for me, it’s much more controlable, you have much more power, it’s usually cheaper in US due to the fact that most Americans don’t know how to drive stick shifts so the standard market is second to automatic and thus dealers are willing to lower prices getting rid of standards from their lots, etc etc.
Oh and Europe drives mostly on standard.

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You will wear yourself out if you use a stick shift on your drive in stop and go city traffic. Auto is better in snowy/icy conditions.

I think stating that most Americans don’t how to drive a stick shift is completly wrong and a stupid thing to say.

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Standard allows for much more control in icy conditions. By disengaging the engine or by down-shifting you can alter wheel speed without applying brakes, preserving the ability to steer.

I have no problem in stop-and-go traffic.

Standards also usually provide one or two more MPGs than automatics.

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My first car was a standard… There’s nothing better. You feel the car so much more, it forces you to be aware of what your car is doing on the road, it makes you more attuned to what the engine is doing, it also can make talking on a cellphone while drivng that much more difficult—which is good incentive to not talk on your celly while driving.

It gives you a lot more control over the vehicle which is a very good thing.

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Manual? I learned on a “standard” ( we call them a Manual Transmission in the States) and I personally love it. When i was in an accident, (some american’s don’t know what “Stop” means), I was given an automatic to drive and hated it. You feel apart of the car with a manual. Its a much more pleasurable driving experience.

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I learned on a automatic and then a couple years later I got a standard and drove it for about 7 years. I quite enjoyed driving it. It was hard getting used to, but after you get used to it, it’s kind of fun. My dad always told me not to ride the clutch and I would try real hard not to. My mother was bad about riding her clutch and probably had 4 clutches put in her car within about 8 or 9 years. I never had to have a new clutch put in. Aren’t standards cheaper than automatic when you buy a new car? I think they used to be, but maybe that’s not the case anymore.

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Both of my vehicles are automatic, but I really like driving manual when I can. It’s definately more fun. My ex had a cute little civic I loved driving, or my brothers old mustang. I do get nervous if I have to stop halfway up a hill and the car behind me is too close. You have to pay more attention, which I guess is a good thing but sometimes annoying. Choosing manual for a sports care is a given, it’s silly to buy a fast car if you get automatic.

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Standard can be fun every once in a while. It makes me feel like Mario Andretti. It may even keep you more aware and keep you off the phone! I still prefer an automatic for every day driving. It’s just easier.

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I love a stick. I love that I have that control and the instant power if needed to get out of a bad situation.

I also love the speed a stick controls.
However if I commuted in traffic I may feel differently over time. I did commute for a while with a stick but that was only for a couple of years.

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A stick shift is much more fun and allows far better control in slick conditions. In the U.S. they do have a lower sticker price. And they get better gas mileage (I don’t think anyone mentioned that yet).

I think it is fairly safe to say that most drivers in the USA under the age of 50 don’t know how to drive a manual, so I jokingly say that it’s an added anti-theft benefit! LOL

I do find that my clutch foot gets tired when stuck in a traffic jam; but city driving doesn’t bother me.

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Can’t stand auto, not even the modern AI ones

Always manual for me, I want to be in control of the vehicle. I even regret getting a car with ABS last year. Ended up having an accident exactly because in the split second that you have to break, you forget what type of system you’re using. After 24 years of driving non-ABS cars, I didn’t hit the brakes as I should for the ABS to work.

I think manual also allows you higher acceleration if you know how to use it, but for me it’s just a matter of convenience.

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Manual is so much better than automatic. I feel so awkward driving an automatic, because it feels like I should be doing something with my right hand and left foot, but there isn’t. I don’t like the car shifting on it’s own; I like having as much control over the vehicle I’m driving as possible.

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I learned to drive on a manual transmission, and I love it. Control over the car is so much better, especially in the event of a dangerous driving situation. I also just feel like so much more of a badass…. And, you should learn to drive one if you ever want to drive in Europe or South America!

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@petethepothead Dude. i am totally with you there. It doesn’t feel like i am doing enough.

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Manual all the way. Once you learn how to drive a manual vehicle you’ll never want to go back to auto. You have a lot more control over the vehicle and manual vehicles are always much faster than their automatic counter parts. You get better gas mileage too as hearkat mentioned. Another thing i really like about manual is it always keeps you alert. Your constantly focused on something, which is quite handy if driving late at night and your tired. And when your too drunk to drive and you have a manual vehicle, your really too drunk to drive. Seriously, your not going anywhere. Most of all though, its just fun.

@petethepothead lol whenever i get in automatic cars i always kick around for the clutch that isnt there or reach of the stick when im braking to take it out of gear :P

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@uberbatman , I started with a manual. but, as I aged and got lazy I ended up going automatic. I do keep a 6 speed Volkswagen Turbo S Just for when I want to drive fun though. (although it probably only gets about 2000 miles per year on her.)

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By standard do you mean manual transmission? I have owned 15 manuals out of 18 cars. I hate automatics. More costly, worse on fuel, less control over the car, etc, etc.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. I prefer a stick, for many of the reasons already stated, you can tailor the gears to the conditions of traffic instead of being hostage to it. Better gas mileage, less use of breaks, down hill is a breeze. And it is just so much fun, also if you are tired, driving a stick will keep you awake until you get home –most of the time—. A manual transmission is way cheaper to repair than an automatic. You don’t have to remember to put tranny fluid in a manual transmission.

Down side it is more tricky to eat a burger or handle your milkshake if you are eating and driving (yeah, yeah, like you never done it). Starting up hill can be tricky also. Outside of that, can’t think of anything else wrong.

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Ive just learned how to drive standard, its awesome. I bought a mint 87 Mazda B2200 for only $500 and i had trouble the first couple of times driving it. I did the whole “jump-start” thing and it felt horrible, like i was never going to get it. But now i take it out by myself no problem. It just great how you can control the vehicle, wheather its goin up or down hill, you can slow it down or speed it up. Starting on hills is an entirely different story, when I first tried starting on a hill, luckily there was nobody behind me, i stalled it about 10x in a row. It was horrible, but now i only roll back about a ft. I just hate those assholes that pull up RIGHT behind you at a red, and its like WTF. Oh well, there’s nothing i can do if i hit them, just flip them the bird if they get out of their car :) and i believe that americans don’t know how to drive standards, they are stupid and never want to learn anything new, and most will never even consider that there is something out there that they aren’t perfect at.


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” i believe that americans don’t know how to drive standards, they are stupid and never want to learn anything new, and most will never even consider that there is something out there that they aren’t perfect at.”
Was that really called for?

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I have a standard. Love it. It’s a 91 Jeep Wrangler. So sad, it’s been in the shop. Must go get it.

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