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What do you drive? American or foreign made? Do you have a preference when buying a car?

Asked by Jude (32120points) April 26th, 2009
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American made cars all the way. Although I have been tempted to buy foreign…I usually cop out and get a Ford. ^_^

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I’ve been driving Honda since 1994.

Despite being 15 years, I have only had two new Hondas.
1994 Civic and a 2003 CV-R

I buy them new, drive them into the ground, buy another one.

Excellent mileage, reliable, very little maintenance, practically indestructible.
I’ll probably buy my next one in 2010 or 2011.

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@bright_eyes00: To tempt you further…

The Honda of America plant has been open in Marysville, Ohio since 1982 (manufacturing cars and motorcycles) and employs thousands of Americans.

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I drive a nissan. I love it. 26 mpg and its so light i can swing it around corners. Much fun in the rain. I love my 240!

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American made forever. GM, altho some are made in Mexico, but still it’s an American company.

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I tend to buy Japanese cars due to the fact that I dispose of my car when it’s completely dead and you can’t fix it no more, so they last and handle a long lifetime.

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I have a Hyundai XG300L and it has never given me a problem. Before that, I drove a Honda Accord which was also trouble free.

My preference is to buy foreign made cars. They’re manufactured better, they have longer durability than American cars (if taken care of well), and higher resale values too in some cases.

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I drive a BMW. About two weeks ago My car was totaled in an accident and i walked away without a scratch or bruise. Safety is important to me.

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I drive a Chevy Blazer. I’m not picky, I had two Geo’s when I was in high school, a Ford mini van, a Lincoln town car, a Cadillac Coupe deVille and a Chevy Lumina. I loved the Lincoln the most, it was huge and it was fun to drive and very comfortable to travel in. It cost me a lot in gas, so I got the Blazer. I prefer American made, because I’ve never owned anything else. Well, I guess the Geo Tracker I had was a Suzuki body with an Izusu motor, but I don’t guess it counts.

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I never pay attention to that when buying a new car.
I usually get a used car, whichever looks good. My parents have gotten me quite a few cars…and they buy a new one every two years. They currently have a SAAB 9–7x which is pretty nice. They stuck to Volkswagens before that, but did have a new Charger (that’s american, right?)
I currently have a Suzuki Reno which is nice, but there are definitely some aspects to it that suck…like the giant car frame blocking my view for when I reverse haha. My husband has the Ford Focus that my parents got me when I was 16.

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I have 2006 Chevy HHR and a 2009 Ford Explorer.
The HHR is a stylish way to get the kids and dogs around, groceries, all my sons hockey equipment. It’s the closest thing to a mini van without actually having a mini van <shudder>. It’s great on gas, never have had a problem with it. Her name is Veronica :)
The Explorer is nice for winter. 4WD is something I need here in Buffalo, and we go up in the ski country a lot. It’s not good on gas, and I think its nice but now that I’ve had it a little while I probably would rather have a different truck.
I’d really love an Audi.

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American-made, union-made only for me.

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All our company trucks are American made and we even have a hybird SUV, but I still love my BMW.

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My main issue is being able to get out of here when the snow is deep and the secondary roads have not been plowed. Thus, my beloved Subaru Forester with its AWD. It sits higher off the ground than the Outback. They are the cars of choice here in our winter wonderland. On Main St. I keep waiting for all the Subarus parked there to mate and have litters.

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American or foreign made? Are Europeans excluded from your question?

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I don’t factor the cars manufacturer into the account whatsoever. I look at reviews, stats, and match it against what I want.

Whether that car ends up being made here, japan, china, germany…. that doesn’t matter to me.

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1997 Nissan Altima or a 2004 Volkswagon Passat or a 2005 Audi A4. All of them have manual transmissions, all of them are neutral gray or silver colored, and I love them all.

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I’ve boycotted American automobile companies. Poor quality, high prices, and if that weren’t enough, now they’re subsidising the unions with my tax dollars. And still charging way too much for their sub-standard product. Fuck ‘em.

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prolly the best cars in the world…

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@TaoSan, After the driving, passing lane question I souldn’t be surprised. We both love our BMW’s. The Ultimate Driving Machine!

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rraaaawwrrrr I’m starting to like you !

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I just bought a Toyota Camry and LOVE IT! If feels like driving a recliner the ride is so smooth. It’s the first and only car I test drove. My whole family drives Toyotas and nobody has had any serious problems with them.

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My current car is a Pontiac Sunfire (now discontinued). It was a hand me down from my mother. When it craps out I will likely replace it with a Japanese car. I don’t want to support the North American car manufacturers as I do not appreciate their lack of innovation compared to Toyota.

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@TaoSan – BMW is not a foreign car.

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Not to you.

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Not to us it isn’t lol. Although, I have an X5, that thing is actually made in USA believe it or not haha.

Good to see you back by the way!

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Wir fahn fahn fahn auf der Autobahn…

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@mattbrowne ; I picked mine up in Germany, did the European delivery thing, is Germany not a foreign country any more?

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@Judi- Not to someone living in Germany, as mattbrowne does.

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I knew ther was something.. ~slither sulk…~

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@TaoSan – Yes, I’m back. The subtle personal attacks have stopped and I’m very glad about that. I really enjoy being on Fluther.

@AstroChuck – Maybe Kraftwerk’s song should change the lyrics to “Wir stehn stehn stehn auf der Autobahn.

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I always pictured the autobahn as moving, quite quickly too. Of course that song is from the early seventies.
Stehn is stand, right?

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Yep, “stehn” is standing still. And these days the only time you get to hit the gas is at Saturday night, 3:00am lol.

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I drive a Mitsubishi Evo 9 MR. I go with whatever I have an interest in building. I support Imports and American made cars. I am picky on makes though. I usually only like the best of the best. The best muscle and the best imports.

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American cars ARE foreign. I prefer our Australian made cars, or Japanese built ones. Korean cars are rubbish, and the only Europeans worth having are German.

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I have a Toyota Tundra, its made in Texas and I love it XD. It replaced our aging F150 the thing was almost 10years old when we sold it, the 5 speed manual started to not like first gear very much. So we got looked at the new F150 but they are all junk so we got the Tundra and its mah bestest buddy. On the topic of BMW’s extremely honest advertising, I got to drive a 328i when my dads 335i was in the shop, it was amazing. I really want one now or a used 330i. That thing was a go cart, it cornered beautifully and there is no way that I could have upset it. I though it would be kinda hard to back up because of the small(ish) back window but it was no problem. Driving a monster truck helps too…

Oh and my dad and I went to Munich in 06 to get our 335i, tour the factory and drive through Italy, France and back to Frankfurt. I am going back to Germany this summer in the form of a 5.5hr layover at the Munich airport on my way to Amsterdam among other places.

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