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Can you help me identify these irises?

Asked by syz (35649points) April 27th, 2009

My back yard has an assortment of bearded irises, dutch irises, and I have an unknown. The unknown has greenery of about the same size and height as the bearded, but the leaves are more narrow and a darker green. The blooms are all yellow and look more like dutch iris in shape and size. Anyone know what kind they might be?

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Iris pseudacorus (Yellow flag) likes wet feet and grows prolifically next to my pond in mush. It is tough, hardy, easily transplantable. You can hack off some and use them for gifts. They look like yellow butterflies from a distance.

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It’s hard to tell until they bloom, but I think you may have gotten it.

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@gailcalled I was about to say the same thing. I’d say that’s what yours are syz, as they are more common than any others I know of.

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I was given a strappy plant during the winter. It turned out to be an Apostle Iris, native to Brazil to S. Mexico, but a really nice house plant. I had a second bloom this morning; unfortunately each bloom lasts only one day.

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Something’s wrong with your last link, @gailcalled.

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