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Do you lock your doors?

Asked by tinyfaery (42726points) April 27th, 2009

I have always lived in a city, and I have always locked the doors to my house and the doors to my car whenever I am away from them and when I am in them. I can’t imagine not locking my doors.

I have met a few people who live in the city and never lock the doors to their houses or their cars, even when going on vacation or when leaving their car in a parking lot. And, I have met more rural dwelling folks who do not lock their doors.

So do you? Either way, I’d like to know why.

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Yes, I do, though I have friends who don’t and it bothers me, for their sake and for mine when I’m there, especially when sleeping. Why? Because it might deter, slow, or announce the slim chance that someone meaning harm might enter the house or car.

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Always, I feel super weird not locking the door, even when I go to get the mail.

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I don’t see any reason not to lock your doors. A very small percentage of any population are going to be criminals. If only .01% of your town would resort to criminal activities, why would anyone even chance it?

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When I am home, I tend to leave them unlocked, but it really could go either way. I unlock for a few minutes if I’m stepping outside for mail or to get something from my car because I have a terrible habit of locking myself out.

If I’m going out, or falling asleep for any period of time, I lock deadbolt, chain, the whole shebang.

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Generally I leave my doors unlocked because people will be going in and out of my house alot. I did have an apartment once where I found my crazy neighbor in my house on several occasions just hanging out, looking through things. I locked my doors then as well as got a restraining order.

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I’ve been robbed twice this year. The first time I was at a friends watching our football bowl game, and I came home to find my laptop and camera had been taken. They never found either (didn’t think they would), and I told my room mates we need to lock the doors WHENEVER we leave from now on.

Well a month and a half – two months later I’m walking my dog and I scare a burglar away from our neighbors two doors down. So I go home and tell my room mates and reiterate that we need to be locking our doors (as they had been iffy about it).

About a week later I come home from class around 3pm, only to find I have been robbed again (this time of my Xbox and a bunch of DVD’s). Come to find someone had left our back door unlocked.

I furiously told my room mates whoever left it unlocked is paying for my shit, and of course they all claimed to have locked the door when they left that day (someone obviously lying).

Since then, they’ve been good about keeping it locked, and I lock my own bedroom door every day now, and leave my dog in the room.

If I ever caught a burglar….. he’d better hope the police show up quickly.

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I always lock my door when i’m leaving or when i’m in my apartment. I’m so anal that I need to hear my car beep at least twice when i’m going into a store or something. I wouldn’t dream of leaving anything unlocked even when going to get the mail in my apartment.

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Deadbolts are always locked, my alarm is always on in my house even during the day. Neither of these things will keep someone out of my house if they want to break in, but I at least want to have some warning that they are coming so I can grab my pistol

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Growing up we never ever locked our doors. Even when we went on vacation. We lived out in the country with family all around so we never worried. I honestly don’t think that my parents even had a key to the house. I never had one. When they were selling the house and had to keep it locked because it was on the market they bought an automatic lock so they could just put in a code and not have to worry about keys.

We keep our house locked now, but mostly because it’s an older house and has one of those deadbolts that automatically locks-it’s on a spring or something. I never locked my doors during the day before I lived in this house. I do lock the doors at night tho, just to feel safe.

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I’m from a small town and I definitely lock my doors when I’m at home. Well, when I’m inside and downstairs, they’ll be unlocked, but not when I’m upstairs for a long period of time.

It doesn’t make sense to me to NOT lock your doors. I mean honestly…that’s risking a lot, even though it’s a small chance. Better safe than sorry! We honestly have very few burglaries but ever since a local guy (my age) was thrown in jail for 3 robberies he did in houses, I started being careful. What if it was me and my family who was robbed?

I also lock my dorm door obsessively!!! Esp when I’m going to bed!
My friends get angry for me for not leaving it open so they can waltz in when they’d like…well, I say “Tough nuts”. I don’t want my stuff getting stolen. We had an incident where 2 girls left their doors unlocked at night and some drunk dude stumbled in! They were very scared!

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Nope. Not even on vacation. And we keep the car keys in the ignition – where they belong.
But then this is a rural community with lots of gun owners. It is not unusual to see several camoed hunters walking with shotguns in the street on their way to a different duck blind.
Sometimes that freaks out our “city folk” friends.

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I only lock my car doors if I’m in the city, or not in front of my house. I lock the door to the duplex I live in, but don’t always lock our apartment door. We always lock it at night.

My mother is sort of OCD when it comes to locking things. She’ll call me to make sure I’ve locked my car doors i lie to her And she has to make sure all windows and doors are locked in the house.

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I only lock our house doors at night or when we leave the house. Or if my husband’s gone & I’m getting in the shower, then I do, of course. Not during the day when we’re home, tho.

Car doors are kept locked if it’s not in the garage.

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At night, we always lock all the doors before we go to bed. We even make sure to lock the door to the basement, although someone would have to get the garage door open to come in that way, which we’d probably hear because it’s loud and right under our bedroom.

During the day, the doors are usually unlocked. I rarely bother to lock them if I run out to do some errands. I don’t ever lock my car doors in the driveway, but my husband does. The only time I lock the car when I’m out is if I’m somewhere other than right around town here.

We have security chains on the front and back door, and I will use those during the day just to keep the kids from running outside if I’m downstairs doing laundry, taking a shower, or otherwise busy in a part of the house where I may not hear the door open and close. I try to avoid moments like that though, because my boys have been known to try to sneak away.

Now that I’m saying this we’ll probably get robbed soon, but I feel pretty safe here. There’s not much crime in our town, and we live next door to a state trooper. The sight of his car right there in the driveway makes me feel like anyone looking for a house to rob wouldn’t pick something on this street. We also live between two schools, so there are always a lot of people (potential witnesses) around, not to mention cars driving past regularly and plenty of lights at night.

We don’t own any guns, and don’t plan to with three kids in the house. I feel like the risk of having a gun in our home outweighs the possible benefit.

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I don’t like to live in fear but This home invasion robbery happened right down the street from me yesterday. There were 20+ cops with guns drawn pistols and shot guns! I didn’t have a video camera to document it, but I am glad they caught them!!

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When at home, I leave my door unlocked – unless I’m completely alone.

When not at home, the house is always locked. I just don’t see the point in taking chances, no matter how unlikely it might be to get broken into.

Car door – always locked.

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where we live, we lock doors, but at times i’ll leave a door open if i’m cooking in the kitchen or working in the garage. my wife says i am too liberal and trusting, not heeding what could be danger. but honestly, i’ve forgotten to close the garage and it was open ALL NIGHT—bikes and tools and all. not a thing was stolen or missing the next morning. .

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I always lock my doors (the doors to my house & the doors to my car). I grew up in the city of Dallas, & it tends to be prudent to lock your doors when living in a city environment.

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To the people who do always lock doors…

How do you feel about tents?

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I lock everything, i do not want to be raped.

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It almost seems like a point of pride with some folks on this issue.
The whole “I think enough of humanity to leave myself completely vulnerable in my home” idea just doesn’t fly. I fully subscribe the the philosophy of “think the best of people while locking your doors at night”.

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@NuclearSnail People break into tents too.
Ever been to Burning Man? Better bring a lock for those tent zippers or some guy binging on whatever may decide that your belongings are fair game while you’re out having fun.

On campsites, there’s messed up people that go on vacation too. You lock up your valuables in your car when you’re off hiking, fishing or whatever.

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The reason why I lock my door is so that my stuff won’t get stolen rather than my own personal safety. When camping, this is a non-issue because no one brings really valuable things when in the damp woods (well, they SHOULDN’T bring them anyway)

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I always always always lock the door to my house. I’m actually not sure why. It’s kind of a compulsion. My parents only lock it at night, but I can’t help it. If I walk through the door, I lock it once I’m inside.

On the other hand, I never lock my car doors. There’s nothing in there to steal, and if someone wants the whole car bad enough, they can have it. It barely runs and it’s worth absolutely nothing. Anybody who’d take it is truly desperate.

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It depends. Car doors are generally never locked because i have a soft top on my mustang so if someone really wants in bad enough they will just cut my roof. Fuck that, id rather them just open the door and take whatever and not damage my vehicle. (i lock all valuables in the glove box though)

My house i never lock unless im leaving or going to bed. My parents on the other hand lock the door ALWAYS. seriously ive walked out to my car and came back to a locked door This would be a bit more acceptable if i lived in a somewhat populated area, but i dont. I live on a one block dead end road in the middle of no where in a town with a very low crime rate. Why the compulsive door locking? Who the hell knows. The best part is that my front door is made entirely of glass with a small wooden frame. Oh boy how that lock will protect us all…...

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@uberbatman – maybe your parents are trying to tell you something by locking the door when you go outside?

I usually lock the doors, but I forgot about the windows a few years back and somebody climbed up to my 5th floor apartment in the middle of winter and came in my window only to take a cup of change, a cd alarm clock and a messenger bag.

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maybe….. <goes and cries in corner>

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Ooh…I can think of some things I might want from ubers’s house.

@├╝ber Did your parents grow up in a city?

To all: Thanks for indulging my curiosity. Lurve.

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@charliecompany34 ; The home invasion robbery that happened down the street from my house on Sunday was because they left the Garage opened. They barged in with gins and tied up the elderly couple.

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@tinyfaery my door is always open to you :P and no, neither of them grew up in the city. One grew up in the town i currently reside and the other in a much less populated town. So yea, it still doesnt make sense lol.

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I dont think much about locking doors the majority of criminals will not stop just becouse the door is locked if they want in thay will get in the best thing to do is get to know the people in your neighberhood and look out for eachother if everyone looks out for the other the nothing can happen. Locks dont stop criminals only the PEOPLE can.

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