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Can anyone recommend some rock bands?

Asked by bianlink (164points) April 27th, 2009

My favorites are Queen, U2 and Linkin Park, but they are not releasing any new albums recently.
Can anyone recommend some new bands? Please specify the reasons. Thx.

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Try looking here.

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Van Halen – Eddie is arguably the greatest guitarist ever.
The Beatles – No explanation required.
Foo Fighters – Dave Grohl is an amazing musician, all of his stuff is great.
Electric Light Orchestra – Strings + Rock = Awesome.

There’s a lot more that I’ll post later, I have to go now. Check out my page for some more great bands.

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What genre of rock?

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Yah you need to give us some style of rock qualifiers…. The 3 you listed are all different genres.

Just random rock bands I like off the top of my head.

Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, Third Eye Blind, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Tool, Nine Inch Nails…...

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Muse! And Audioslave.

And I can try and post some more later, but this is my

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April Wine—excellent guitar driven classic rock
Megadeath—Fronted by Dave Mustaine. The guy they kicked out of Metallica
Judas Priest—Classic metal
Sound Garden

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@Russell_D_SpacePoet: Personally, I think Audioslave is better than Soundgarden. But that’s just me.

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Dude, you gotta hear some Halen and I don’t mean Van Hagar. Cabo Wabo isn’t even good Tequila!

Check out Hawkwind. It’s Lemmy, pre-Motorhead.

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@dverhey I like them both and tend to give the nod to Audioslave as being the better band. More manicured. Soundgarden is more of a raw sound. I like Chris Cornell. He’s a good musician.

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I prefer Audioslave, just because Tom Morello is an amazing guitarist. But I agree, Chris Cornell is a great musician. Unfortunately, his new solo album was pretty bad.

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Timberland turns great artists into pop crap, or turns already crappy pop into gold.

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if you want hard rock try out “Protest the Hero”

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