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Are you a good napper?

Asked by Jude (32120points) April 27th, 2009

Mid day/early afternoon, are you able to (if home) have a good nap? Are you a long napper? Frequent napper?

For me, it’s weird, no matter how tired I am during the day, if I’m home, I just can’t seem to settle down and sleep. I try to and lie there for a few minutes, but, then I have to get up. If I do nap, I usually feel like a bag o’ shit afterward.

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I take a nap almost every day, because I go to bed too late. I can nap for a REALLY long time but usually I nap for an hour. Though sometimes I avoid naps because I know I won’t have a long enough one and the worst kind of nap is when you wake up before you should and you feel like a truck just ran over you.

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I have never been a good sleeper at night in a bed but I am an excellent napper at any other time of the day in any place. I have slept through many wonderful films, concerts, Broadway plays and magnificent countryside in the car. I wish it weren’t so but it is my plight.

My husband always feels terrible after a daytime nap.

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I’m the best. Hit the couch and I’m gone. I’ve got a built in mercury switch.

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I’ve never been able to take a nap at home by myself, Only if I’m with someone..Same thing for falling asleep at night too, I find it easier with someone else.

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yup. just took a half hour nap in my car at lunch today and was revived.

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I love my naps! They give me energy for the rest of the day… when I don’t have them, I drag drag drag into the night.

Mine last about 45min to an hour.

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If I’m going to take a nap, I try to get a long one in. At least 3 hours.

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I am a frequent napper, and I am a champ at it! I like to have at least an hour and a half for a nap, otherwise I feel all discombobulated when I wake up. I wish I could sleep half as well at night as I do during a nap!

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Unless I’m completely wiped out for some reason, I don’t nap. I wake up groggy & it takes me the rest of the day to wake back up. It’s easier on my body to just stay up.

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I used to be able to sleep anywhere anytime, but I have lost that ability…so sad! I usually have to be really tired to take a nap and then it takes awhile to fall asleep.

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@Lothloriengaladriel I think you mean with me?

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@Triiiple Thank you for correcting me.

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I’m a stinky napper. I have to be dead on my feet or sick to take a nap mid-day.

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I nap like a kid. You could call me a kid napper.

Jk, I love napping.

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Oh yes. my body loves to sleep in the middle of the day for like 3 hours. I love it, but sometimes it will keep me up late at night, which I don’t really love.

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Hell yeah I can nap, anytime and anywhere. I’m always tired and up for a nap. Wish I could actually take more but got kids so that doesnt happen very often.

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I didn’t used to like to nap, but I love it now. I took a nap today from about 9am until around 1pm. I usually don’t nap that long, but I was extra tired and it’s my day off.

Usually I will take like a 20 minute “power nap” and I feel good afterward.

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I’m with @jbfletcherfan . I hate napping, because I’m off for the rest of the day. And that feeling of waking up and not knowing what time it is, and that taste in my mouth, and feeling like I have to shower again, and it’s always so damn hot when I wake up after a nap… ick. Give me a strong coffee and an early bed time instead.

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There are many days when I would adore a nap. An hour would be great! When my youngest kid started preschool this year, I thought I’d have two afternoons a week to possibly take a nap. The problem is, I can’t relax enough to get any real sleep. I think I’m too worried I’ll not wake up and forget to pick my son up from school, then miss the kindergarten bus (they won’t let your kid off the bus if you aren’t there waiting). Even when I set my alarm clock, I can’t sleep. I end up dozing off and having some kind of dream about losing my kids in public places. Once I had a dream my preschooler walked himself home from school. I wake up, try not to look at the clock, doze off and have the same kind of dream. When the alarm goes off, I get up really tired and annoyed because I felt like I didn’t get any rest at all. The whole thing pisses me off, so I don’t even try to nap anymore.

The exception would be weekends—if my husband is playing with the kids, I can sleep for a couple of hours easy. Sometimes we take turns napping! And of course I can’t take a nap when it’s just me with the kids. The only time they are quiet is when they are up to no good.

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@Likeradar LOLL, yep…you nailed it all.

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I nap whenever I can, which is only when my son naps. I’ve done it since he was born. And now that I go into work at 530 in the morning, I need to nap when he does…which is between 12–3pm. Which also means my house is not the cleanest :(

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I can nap anywhere.

In the car (whether it’s moving or not), on the train (I’ve missed my stop numerous times), under a tree, sitting up, at my desk.

Conversely, my wife hates to nap – so when my daughter was little, I’d always volunteer to nap with her. I love napping with my daughter. Soo cudley.

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moving cars are the end of me. I’ll be a passenger for minutes and I’m out.

I take a nap about ever day for at least an hour and it’s not uncommon for it to be up to two or three. I’m a train wreck afterwards, but I still can’t seem to stay up all day long. I’m going to try the coffee thing and see if it works out for me.

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@cprevite : You started sounding like Dr. Seuss!

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I love naps!!! I can fall asleep in about 3 minutes. Sleep for a few hours then wake up and be fresh.

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<< Has actually slept through the kindergarten bus. Was sick at the time, but still.

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I am a napping champ it’s one of the few things I do well. I took 2 naps today one 5 hour nap and one two hour nap. That was because i had done an all nighter before. But I can usually nap for like 2 hours every day if I want to usually after school.

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i take a nap nearly every week day. i head off for my nap by 4:30 usually, and wake up at 8–9 at the latest, but as early as 6 sometimes. i have a much easier time falling asleep to take a nap than i ever did going to sleep at night. i wake up kind of groggy sometimes, but i think i’m getting better at it.

i am an extreme napper in cars though.

i’m not good at napping in class (fortunately/unfortunately). i get paranoid. like that the bell is going to ring and i won’t get up, or that i’ll talk in my sleep or snore or drool (even though i don’t normally do any of these things, what if). also i’ve heard that i giggle in my sleep sometimes, so i think that would be pretty embarrassing in class haha. also, sometimes suddenly everything sounds louder as i’m dozing and i almost fall off the chair. haha. i jolt awake randomly when i’m in class.

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@tiffyandthewall I’m a sleep-giggler as well!

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I am a big fan of the “Power-Nap!” If I have been running on little sleep, and need to get through a few hours more, I can usually sit anywhere for from 3–20 minutes and wake up relaxed and ready to go!

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