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As a comfort food, ice cream or sherbert?

Asked by BookReader (417points) April 29th, 2009

…an orange sherbert does my body and mind so good…

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ice cream is more decadent chocolate haagen-dazs mmmmmm

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Ice cream-y, cream. Mmm. Preferably from some Gelateria in Rome or Florence. But failing that, I’ll take some Moose Tracks or Cherry Garcia. MMm. Or Phish Food.

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Ice cream. Gelato. Rubarb pie. Oops. Sorry. Wrong question.

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I have both in my frizzer. It just depends on my mood. Orange sherbet when I’m happy, ice cream when I’m down. I’m going for the cookies and cream right now!

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…flipping yummy yummy yummy choices!!!

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Sherbert if I’m really sick, but I eat ice cream just for good ‘ol comfort and because it taste amazing.

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@jonsblond: I don’t even see the word “frizzer” as being wrong anymore. It has permeated into my brain as an acceptable form of the alternate word.

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“Comfort food” is synonymous with “contains fat” in my book, so ice cream FTW.

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Ice cream is way more comforting, but I usually go for sorbet or frozen yogurt so I don’t get as much of a post-binge guilt trip.

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Is comfort food fat free? i could see myself finding some serious comfort in munching on a celery stick with a little salt…

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Sherbet! The cheaper and more colorful the better! I’ll even nuke the container for 3–5 seconds so it will scoop out easier. A plop of sherbet in cranberry juice is delicious too. You can justify it as preventive medicine for a nonexistent UTI.

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ice cream! ice cream. for the reasons that it is delicious, and also for the reason @Harp mentioned (;

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Definatley ice cream… Not only can it contain fruit, but chocolate too!

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Since I don’t know what sherbert is, I’ll take ice cream.
Now if it’s between sherbet and ice cream…

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I’d still go with ice cream.

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@Lupin mmmmm, that sounds good. Will you make me one? Sherbet in 7-UP would be good, too. ORANGE, please.

But mainly, I’m an ice cream person.

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@jbfletcherfan Sure! I’ll make two. I might even do it tonight!

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Put a little vodka in there and I might switch my preference.

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Gelato? Does that count?
How about frozen yogurt?

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Sherbet. Also goes great in holiday punch.

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Not just ice cream but homemade ice cream sandwiches

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I love sherbet. Lime is my favorite, hands down. I do love ice cream, but have really liked sherbet more, lately.

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Hazelnut Gelato

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Oh boy! I just got back from a meeting of crazy people in a Gelato shop. I tasted at least a dozen kinds, and bought little scoops of five. It was fun. I like the texture, and the way it holds together. It’s expensive, but not any more expensive than Ben & Jerry’s. I had amaretto, chocolate caramel, kiwi, margarita, and chocolate malt. What fun! I feel very comfortable at the moment!

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@daloon: Dude, that’s a good night indeed.

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<——ice cream lover

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@daloon Mmmmmm…now I’m craving Gelato!

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