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Can you milk a dead cow?

Asked by hug_of_war (10725points) April 30th, 2009

Just came up in a conversation with my boyfriend today, and I wondered

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I suppose…if it died while lactating (is it called that for cows?) and there was still milk in the udder…makes sense, yes?

you can see how knowledgeable I am on the subject

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but would you really want to drink it?

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depends on how long it’s been dead and how/why it died…

and, well, no, because I hate cow’s milk

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Would you want to?

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Only with a dead farmer.

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Once rigor mortis set in, how would you comfortably fit the teats into the automated milking machine?

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where there’s a will there’s a way

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Probably a freshly dead cow.

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Technically you could “milk” a cow by removing the milk from the udder. I’m not sure if the teat would dispense milk once the body was cooled to a certain temperature, but you could remove the milk using a needle, up to the point where it starts curdling inside the udder…

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The GOP seems to think so

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You can strip a little milk from th\e udder of a dead animal, but not much at all. Wildlife rescuers sometimes try to do this when a mother animal gets hit by a car and leaves an orphan, for example.

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Is milking a dead cow kind of like beating a dead horse?

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If it was dead for a long time would you get sour cream?
Or maybe cottage cheese?

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