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Does giving someone excercise equipment as a gift send the message that i think the recipient is overweight?

Asked by kate1746 (187points) April 30th, 2009

thinking about getting my mom an exrecise ball for mothers day…

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Depends…do you think she’s overweight?

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I wouldn’t do it unless she’s specifically mentioned that she would like to exercise more or that she’d like an exercise ball.
It is kinda saying- Here! Thought you could use this!

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You know your mother better than anyone here. I don’t think that she would be offended. Especially if she has mentioned that she would like to start exercising. It’s a wonderful piece of equipment for a beginner.

Most mothers appreciate anything that their children give them. They are happy just being acknowledged.

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I think yes in a small way. It’s a nifty idea, maybe just not for Mother’s Day. I know my own mom would be disappointed even though the practicality of the gift would be appreciated later. Mother’s Day is the biggest day of the year for florist shops, you know.

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I think it sends a message that you are concerned about her well being and that you’d like her to be healthy through exercising. That’s not a bad thing.

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If I did that for my mom, i might not be invited for thanksgiving dinner.
If your mom asks for an exercise device then go for it, but many people will think of it as an insult.

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I would do it only if she’s mentioned that she’s not feeling fit or healthy and wants an efficient way to exercise, and then round it out with a ‘neutral’ DVD on how to use it that doesn’t have ‘weight loss’ in the title.

Btw: I’m not sure how old your mom is, but I don’t think mine would be able to use an exercise ball. She’d never be able to master the balance needed to use one.

Then, throw in another small gift (small piece of jewelry, flowers, something you know she collects) to let her know that you’re not just thinking of her need to exercise.

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If you have any doubt in your mind, get her something else.

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well, i have one & i absolutely love it. i hate saying this but yes she is overweight (but not alot.) she walks alot & is always dieting?

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I would not. Being a mother myself, I would say err on the safe side. Even a Dustbuster would be a safer choice, and that’s a risk I would not recommend taking.

Get her something that tells her you think of her as interesting, or glamorous, or deserving of luxury, or fun, or precious, or wonderful, or brilliant. But not fat. That is no gift. Even if it’s true, that is not what you want to reflect as your dominant perception of her. She’s your mother no matter what size she is.

Sometime later, you might tell her that you are thinking of getting an exercise ball and ask her if she’d like to try exercising with you.

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Yeah- i should probably just stick to the hanging basket, although i would love to see her get fit.

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No reason not to encourage that! But when her friends ask her what you gave her for Mother’s Day, you don’t want her to be embarrassed when she answers.

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Yes, that would be very insensitive, unless she has expressed a wish to have one.

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I don’t know if this would be safer or even wiser but what if you gave her 3 gifts at the same time such as the hanging basket, the exercise ball, and flowers so that it wouldn’t look like you’re sending a message specifically with the exercise ball? Just wondering.

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Politically a fine idea, but a bit of overkill where Mother’s Day is concerned, just to offer my opinion. Birthday maybe. As far as I am concerned, it isn’t even a gift-giving event. A nice card and a little extra attention are all I want.

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@kate1746 Go with your gut and don’t get it. If you want to see her get fit then give her the ball some other time. Or better yet just mention how awesome yours is and ask if she wants to try it out for fun, not that she needs it ;)

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I wouldn’t purchase exercise equipment for anyone. It’s too personal of a choice, plus yes I think you would be sending the message that they could use to lose a few.

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