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Is drinking diet soda bad for the teeth?

Asked by Vinifera7 (2846points) May 1st, 2009

I’ve been trying to avoid drinking sugary sodas because my dentist said that the sugar is bad for the teeth and will lead to more cavities. Is drinking diet soda better for the teeth since it doesn’t have sugar?

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Drinking all soda’s and even fresh juice is bad for your teeth . Even fluoride is bad for them according to some people ., To avoid cavities brush and floss after everything that has gone in your mouth . even then its not 100%

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Diet cola, in particular, contains phosphoric acid, the same stuff used to clean toilets. It also has a lower pH than vineger, i.e., it is more acidic. So the answer is yes, it’s bad for your teeth and your innards.

Yes, I still drink it.

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Diet soda may be slightly better for your teeth than regular soda, but it is slightly worse for you in many other areas (the research regarding aspartame is not conclusive, however I avoid it as much as I can). As always, water is the best thing to drink. As much as I love water I do desire to drink other things from time to time, so I always have a pitcher of watered down juice ready for a drink (start by adding in one extra can of water, then add more water or ice to your cup as needed).

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No, the impact on the teeth is negligible compared to eating and chewing high glycemic food (simple carbohydrates such as white bread).

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Im with dynamicduo on this one.

I have read that aspartame is also addictive and judging by my perceptions, the amount that certain people chew gum or drink diet soda, I definitely believe it.

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Now that’s something that I haven’t heard. Naturally I’m rather skeptical. How many studies have been conducted in an effort to determine whether or not aspartame is physiologically addictive?

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Not only does soda contain a ton of sugar but they’re very acidic which can cause tooth decay. This might help provide some insight.

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If you want to lose weight avoid aspartame. If you’re hungry, aspartame will make you even hungrier. However, if you drink a diet coke with a carbohydrate-rich meal (low glycemic would be best) there’s no effect. Aspartame addiction has little or no scientific basis.

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Im not sure how many studies have been done. A quick google search for aspartame addiction leads to 80,000 results. Im sure there are just as many that go against the claim.

My real skepticism comes from Donald Rumsfeld’s connection to aspartame and the company that discovered it.

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Thanks a lot. That’s really helpful.

Do a Google search for “homeopathy”. ‘Nuff said.

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If you can drink something other than sodas it would be a good idea. However, if you do drink a soda try to find one that has citric acid in it instead of phosphoric acid (typically in colas and Dr. Pepper and its clones). Your kidneys will thank you.

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Use a straw to drink your diet soda. This will prevent exposing your teeth to it

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