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How do you flirt with some-one over msn without leading them on?

Asked by funky_princess (323points) May 1st, 2009

There is this guy who flirts with me quite a lot over msn. He is an old friend who i havnt seen in a while, I was just wondering how to flirt back without leading him on as im not sure i want to be romantically involved with him. But surely harmless flirting wont and cant hurt. can it?

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If you flirt back, you run the risk of leading him on, whether you mean to or not. I think it’d be best if you just don’t return the flirtations. It’s a lot easier that way, anyway.

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just don’t lead him on
you’ll know when you are

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Guys who are flirting with you think you are flirting with them just by talking to them.

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@MrMeltedCrayon and @theartfuldodger have it right. When a woman flirts back with a man, he is on the hook. If you don’t want the fish, don’t use bait.

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Who the eff uses MSN anyway?

AIM and GChat only, peeps.

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Um, GoS, where does Yahoo chat fit in your pantheon?

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@daloon: Yahoo chat is on par with MSN.

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@girlofscience AIM is american, europeans have different messenger preferences in general

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Not really. AIM is used everywhere, and it is popular…everywhere.

Everytime I hear MSN or Yahoo, I think of some old dude with missing teeth on his front porch cleaning his shotgun.

don’t ask why, it just seems so old.

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Don’t flirt, otherwise you are leading him on. It’s as simple as that.

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What’s the point of flirting if you don’t mean anything by it? That’s just going to give him the wrong idea and cause all kinds of shit that you don’t wanna deal with.

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@theartfuldodger – no it’s not. Nobody uses AIM in the Netherlands. Nor Y! Messenger. Nor anything else than MSN, for that matter (well, some use Gmail chat, but almost never the full Google Talk).

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may i just reiterate…if you flirt you are leading them on…duh

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Guy’s don’t understand women lingo. You need to be direct with them. So if you do flirt, they’ll think there’s a chance. Unless…

What you should do is be blunt and brutal. Tell him “I’m flirting with you for fun, I’m not intendend to lead you on” or simliar, but still direct and to the point. He won’t be cut or hurt, he’ll just know there’s no chance.

Then flirt your ass off. Flirtin is fun. He’ll know you won’t want a relationship, but he still might think he can get some action with no strings attatched. Unless you’re direct about that issue as welll…

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NOw why would someone flirt for fun? WHy would they tell me that’s all it was? It has to be part of the game, and it must mean they are secretly interested.

Don’t flirt if you don’t want the guys sniffing around your ass.

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@daloon I agree with you, but I must say that I can’t quit laughing at the moment. “Don’t flirt if you don’t want guys sniffing around your ass” coming from an ass avatar is hilarious. :)

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A few innuendos: playful.
A few hundred innuendos: cock tease

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