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Can I freeze leftover gravy?

Asked by augustlan (47689points) May 2nd, 2009

My husband made a delicious mushroom & onion gravy with pork chop drippings tonight. There is at least a cup left, but I’m afraid we won’t use it in the next few days. Will it separate if I freeze it? Any special instructions for thawing it later on?

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Yes, my Mah used to do it and it tasted just fine once thawed. Sorry, can’t help you with special instructions, though..

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It will freeze just fine, and to thaw it out, put in the microwave at half-power or less for a couple of minutes, or in a pan on the stove at very low heat.

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Mmmm…pork chop drippings… :P

I freeze my gravy all the time now that I’m single. I put it in the fridge in the morning and let it thaw by dinnertime.

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Yes, you can. If it does separate, just whisk it back together while reheating.

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Thanks everyone. I’m glad we’ll get to enjoy the yummy goodness another day. :D

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I do it every weekend and have it later in the week. It will actually taste better the second round. I guess all the seasonings combine better over time

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