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@girlofscience, Does she still have her job?

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I can’t find the video, but a local news anchor here in Minneapolis once said something along the lines of, “due to Federal cunts…cuts in the budget for…”

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When I read the question (until I watched the video), I was going to go to youtube to look up the same video you posted. I can watch that one all day! :D

This one is pretty good, too.

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This was just the other day.

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this one is pretty funny.

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@babygalll haha, that’s hilarious!

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@Ivan Do you think he’ll get the same treatment as Rush got?

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The lady stomping grapes that falls and barks like a dog, that shit never gets old.

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I don’t know, he offered this the next day.

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This busts me up. I just love the smile at the end.

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I’ve only been on TV a couple of times and don’t think I’ve made any major cock-ups there. But I have left the mike on during a radio show and used foul language with the sound technician. It was quite embarrassing, and everyone was listening.

I also made the major error of mixing up the radio station names at a different station and, even though I’d been working there for months, I accidentally said the name of another station one day (one I’d worked at years earlier, don’t know why). They did not fire me, but they should have. I felt really bad.

I’ve made several other mistakes too, of course, including getting names wrong and so on, but nothing that major or embarrassing.

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I’m not sure if this counts as live TV, but it is awesome. Here

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I don’t know why I find others pain so damn funny, but I do. It’s the grape stomping lady that Triiiple mentioned. It’s the so hilarious but it’s so obvious the poor lady is hurt, badly!

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My daughter was in a church play and the people were wearing mikes. One actress left the stage and her husband was helping her lift her cumbersome costume to use the bathroom. She said “Oh S#*T” and her mike was still on, while my daughter was saying her lines. Everyone thought my daughter cussed on stage in Church.
The same play, a different year, my son who was about 8 left the stage and went to the bathroom. You could her him singing and the tinkle tinkle sound when he forgot to turn off his mike.

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The sound effects she makes are priceless. Are those human noises? I’m guessing she had the wind knocked out of her.
My favorite blooper is this old Newlywed Game clip

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I’ll never forget this Scarborough momemt.

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I am really dating myself with this one, and I have searched extensively for an old clip too much time on my hands!

At that time the Red Skelton Show was done live, and there was a lot of ad-lib. Sometimes they did not come out as expected. I remember one time Red’s line was supposed to be “What do you think I am, a moron?” Only when he delivered it, it came out “What do you think I am, a Mormon?”
Yeah, it loses something in the transcription

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This was on Fail blog today.

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i love this so much.
seriously, the most adorable weatherman ever, and it is so so funny.

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this is amusing too.

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This one gave me a giggle.

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haha, that last one got me looking at fart youtubes. gross.

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That was beautiful @casheroo. The farts reminded me of this short film of which I have three of the original cels that the artist signed for me.

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My favourite was in 1981, when Charles Rocket was a cast member on Saturday Night Live. He gets “shot,” in a spoof of the ‘Who Shot JR?’ storyline on Dallas, and at the end of the show, he wanted to know “who the fuck did it!” Everyone in the live audience thought it was funny, but he was fired shortly thereafter (NBC had to pay a lot in fines to the FCC for that) and his career never recovered.

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@aprilsimnel – and he committed suicide a couple years ago. But of course Jenny Slate this year dropped an F Bomb on her very first show, and somehow kept her job, despite THAT sketch not even being funny.

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On“World News Now” ABC’s gawd awful late night/early morning news program, the female anchor was demonstrating new toys for the coming holiday season. Among them was the new “Tickle Me Elmo”... She activated it, and it was going spastic so she put it down on the desk, face down. It started Humping the desk. For a split second, it was clear by the look on her face she knew exactly what it looked like and she was terrified…. LMAO. She quickly slid it off the desk as they went to commercial.

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On FOX news, some idiot kept calling Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rouge” instead of “Going Rogue”.
That is just putting make-up on a pig.

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@filmfann – that’s because there actually is a rather unfavorable (to Palin) parody book called “Going Rouge” which uses a very similar cover, and I guess they were even showing the picture of the wrong book.

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Here’s a link to the book – and a movie – about Sarah Palin titled Going Rouge.

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