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What's the cruelest trick anybody has ever done to you?

Asked by lisaj89 (720points) May 5th, 2009

When I was about 13, my parents went out for the night and left my two brothers and I at home. I was in bed reading and fell asleep with the light on. I woke up to heavy, raspy breathing in my face. I opened my eyes and my dad was about two inches from my face with a solid white Mardi Gras mask on. You know, the kind with only eye holes but covers the whole face? I started screaming and ran out of my room before I even realized it was him. In doing this, I woke my little brother up who immediatly started screaming as well. When he ran down the hall, my dad started chasing him back to his room. After a minute, we realized what had happened. We were livid, to say the least.

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wow, that’s really fucked up hahaha

This is something I did to my husband actually..

We were driving down a dark road, he was driving. I started screaming and pointing to the woods right in front of us, saying that there’s a monster or whatever. My husband began screaming and freaking the hell out. I then burst into laughter and could not stop laughing. It’s still funny to this day.

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I swear I fluthered about this already

When I was turning 16, I was going through a rough time- hardly any friends, I hated school, I hated my body, life just sucked. So on my 16th birthday, flowers from a secret admirer got delivered to the house! It made my day, I felt so good and spent the day wondering who they could possibly be from.

That night I found out they were from my parents. Cheering up fail.

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Casheroo, speaking of woods. Yea, my father is a mean, mean man. He was chaperoning my fifth grade camping trip and he and this other dad decided to rent a monkey suit to scare all the kids. They even had the principal get up at the camp fire and announce they had sited a large animal so everybody was to report to their cabins immediately! I’m pretty sure they ruined the idea of camping for many kids that night.

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When I was 9 or 10, my younger sister thought it would be funny to pour about half a bottle of laxative into my drink… while we were camping! Needless to say, camping in the woods + laxative = rough night LOL!!!

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i slammed the door when i came home from work… 6am and when i woke up and went into the kitchen… my roommate buttered the floor. i cracked my tailbone… i broke his arm.

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When I was little, a friend had an easter party at her house, and we were supposed to find eggs filled with confetti. So, we found the eggs and started crushing them against each other’s heads ( dont know why). Well… my “friend” crushed an egg on my head… but it wasnt filled with confetti. I had a raw egg on my hair. Needless to say… she ruined easter all right.

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Oh, dear, @Likeradar, I can imagine your disappointment. I can also imagine how your parents’ hearts must have ached for you and how very much they hoped that little gesture would help.

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Not all that cruel, although at the time, I thought it was:
When I was 5 and had just started drinking tea, my brother always picked on me for taking too much sugar in my tea – claimed the spoon could stand upright in all the sugar!
One day – to prove his point (and laugh at me) – he stuck a bit of play-doh on the spoon in my tea while I was out of the room so when I came back he was shouting that he was right! the spoon stood upright in all the sugar I’d put in my tea…...

Needless to say, after that, I take my tea without any sugar!!

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When I was younger I was terrified of Chucky from Child’s Play (he still kind of freaks me out.) My family, being the loving and kindhearted people that they are, devised a little plan. My uncle rigged a Chucky doll with a string around its waist to fly at me when I cam around the corner of the hallway into my mom’s room. My grandma came and told me my mom wanted to see me and when I walked into the room he let Chucky fly at me. Talk about nightmares.

P.S. – This is just one of the few jokes my family has played on me. I could write a book about the tricks we’ve played on each other.

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While in the service I had a “friend” send me a letter that said no one knew how to get a hold of me and my parents had died. Try getting that info sitting in a fox hole. ( my parents are still alive today.) His second letter that arrived the next day said “HaHa, Fooled you”. We have not been friends since.

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My best friends mom is kinda nutty. In high school she knew we were smoking and she hates smoking with a passion. She actually told my friend she was going to kill the dog if she/we didn’t quit smoking. One night I was spending the night at her house and we were coming home from the movies or something. There in the garage, by the car was a “bloody” knife and a pool of blood. it was fairly dark in there We ran screaming into the house. Her mom was standing in the kitchen with another “bloody” knife-cleaning it off. She started telling us how she was sorry she’d had to do it, but she did. I just started bawling. I was thinking…this bitch is INSANE! She finally fessed up that she’d not hurt the dog. I remember my friend being really ashamed of her mom doing that. I was embarrassed for her. That was really fucked up. The blood was ketchup-we couldn’t see it very good in the dark garage. We both still smoke and she still tries to hide it from her mom (we’re 33 years old!) I would tell the crone to get bent if she yelled at me about smoking now.

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@knitfroggy That woman should be institunionalized…

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@Staalesen she’s a nut…that’s for sure

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i remember we (my friends and i did a few pretty fucked up things back in the day)
1) after a heavy drinking night (we were like 17 or so) one of our friends fall asleep in the bath tub, and for some reason the water was running and he did not feel a thing, so we shut the water and put some ice, we used ketchup, lots of it and turned off the lights, walked down to the garage and paitiently waited for him to get up, then, we heard the screams and run down the stairs, we used lipstick to write in the mirror, thanks for the kidney call 911… that was fun
2) after another heavy drinking night a friend falled asleep, we were in a park, so when he passed out, we pulled his pants down and used chapstick to shove it in his behind, when he woke up he thought he had been raped and we told him we left him just a minute until we got more scoth at the store, a few months passed by until he found out it was his gf who had the idea…
3) a friend got his first car when he finished hs, a big bad black explorer, so we all met in his house to celebrate, and a friend did not came, so we decided to do something, as he did not know the new car, we all took our sky masks and dressed up in black and waited for the night to come, we invited our friend to go bowling and we told him we will pick him up at 8, so at 8, 3 of my friends were waiting for him outside the building and the rest of us were in the black car, when we saw him, we rushed from the black car with plastic guns and the sky masks saying “don’t move bastard you are coming with us!” so we took him, we covered his face and put him in the car, we put him headphones with music out loud so he could not hear us laughing, he was in the back crying saying things like please don’t kill me, my dad will pay you and stuff… we drove like 45 minutes to a friends’ house outside the city we left him in the car, made a bonfire and took him out, we sat him next to a tree, and we all sat next in front of him, we took out the cover of his face, when he saw us, he stopped crying and started laughing with us… it’s been 7 years and he still does not talk to us…
We had a lot of free time…

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Some one told me getting married was fun

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I met a woman on the internet and we had more things in common that I could’ve have ever imagined having with any one person. We met and had a great time & agreed to meet again. A week later (after we’d exchanged many, many more emails), I replied to her latest email and it bounced back with the message that the email address no longer existed. I tried the other email address I had for her and it was disabled, too. I tried contacting her through linkedin but then she changed her account so that I had to know her email address to get through to her. This happened about 1½ weeks ago & I still can’t begin to fathom what happened. She had been saying fate had brought us together…what the hell happened?

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