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Multimedia plugin for FireFox that works with WinXP x64?

Asked by HeNkiSdaBro (392points) May 6th, 2009

Having troubles with the quicktime plugin that bakcws out the navigation bar on all streaming media on sites that I visit. The VLC multimedia plugin that installs with the application does not work at all of some reason. Thoughts?

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XP64 is the bastard child of microsoft which is too bad because compatibility issues withstanding, it’s probably the best Microsoft OS out there right now.
Everyone is coding for Vista 64 though and with Windows 7 on the way probably later this year, there’s little incentive for Apple of all people to write any new code for what is essentially, a legacy product.

I got a workstation with XP 64 and i have the same issue. I’ll check around.

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I wonder if it is time to move on to the RC of *Windows 7 already or do the inbetween step of installing Vista x64 instead…? Any ideas? Windows Vista x64 has full support for Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom x64 which I like. I run those versions now but don’t benefit from anything really since the support is for Vista x64, not XP x64.

What should I do? Windows 7 has the nice funcion of being able to run a virtual XP 32-bit pretty smoothly. Maybe the best option?

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If you can, I’d hold off on vista if you’re just going to go right on in to win7. If the beta ia any indicator, it’s going to be a superior product to vista. Makes much better use of hardware resources.

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