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Name some of the benefits you receive from taxes.

Asked by YARNLADY (43417points) May 6th, 2009

Can you help some of the jellies who don’t seem to realize all the good things their taxes do for them? No controversy here, keep it to the point.

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Paved Roads

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My paycheck.

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Healthcare free at the point of use.

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K-12 education

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My mom got a new heart 12 years ago, and after that taxes wasn’t all that bad…

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Clean Water

And I never plan on having kids since I’m not sure Allie would be a good mother. But I don’t mind paying for schools. I consider it paying back for what I got.

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The transit system in NYC, though problem-plagued, has managed to keep running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year for over 100 years. And thank goodness, it’s going to continue, though the MTA will play their games. Thank you, fellow taxpayers of NYC and New York State.

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Snow removal on the roads!

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Medical research

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@Kelly27 I would like to elaborate on your GA. The trucks that deliver our groceries and clothing and all the basic ingredients for making them use the Nations highways, not just you and I for visiting Grandma.

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@YARNLADY :: That is why I am comfortable with the wealthy paying more. Most likely they use public services to make money. I haven’t been on a plane in years but the CEO of Fedex makes a lot of money since we have reliable and safe air travel.

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Police and fire service and 911.
My kids go to excellent schools.
My nephew and cousin are gainfully employed by the US military.
I am getting low interest student loans and assistance grants to help me pay for college.
The millions tens I have in the bank are insured.

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Personally, the ones I can think of:
Paved roads, 911 services, education paid for by grants, milk/cereal/eggs/cheese for my family, health insurance for my son.
Public transportation, public schools.
Uhhh, that’s all I can remember right now (I know I’m probably missing a lot.)

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Reasonably safe air travel (air traffic controllers, safety regulations, accident investigations, baggage inspections, etc.)

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In Canada – free health care (huuuge)

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Many beautiful National Parks for our enjoyment.

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In the UK:

School education
Free healthcare, dental care and mental health care
Disposal of household waste and recycling
Benefits (jobseekers allowance, housing benefit, child tax credits, etc.)
State pension
Emergency services

And rather a lot more.

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Something to bitch and moan about with almost everybody.

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My salary gets paid by taxpayers contributions and I’m very grateful. (I’m in the military)

And all the other great things everyone has already listed also.

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@bob_ GA I bet the people who gripe and complain about taxes now would be the very same ones who complain about how everything has fallen apart since people stopped paying for it.

I’ve already seen this happen when a DMV office stopped taking care of the plantings around the parking lot in order to save money. It got on the news.

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Yearly rectal probing

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@steve6 Maybe you’d rather opt for the cancer instead?

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Disability payments that allow us to pay our taxes so everyone in our community can have paved roads, clean water, public schools, crime control, parks, recreation centers, jails, and many more things.

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Dams, environmental protection, war, endangered species act, the white house.

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Housing (public housing projects, which aren’t the “projects” we grew up with), support for agribusiness, support for the oil and energy industries, the space program, defense, regulation of nuclear power and many other things to make sure we are safer, and we don’t get ripped off all the time, manipulation of the economy (via Federal Reserve) to keep things on a more even keel, public attorneys to prosecute the bad guys, public defenders to defend the accused, support for clean water, clean air, regulation of borders, flood insurance, nutrition programs for the poor and homeless, beach erosion programs, the majority of academic research in this country, support for higher education, support for the elderly, pensions (social security) and health care for the elderly (medicare), health care for the poor (Medicaid), assistance for purchasing houses (home mortgage deduction), money to build bridges, highways, and many other important elements of national infrastructure (like the internet)...

There are thousands of programs that the federal government funds. That doesn’t even include the things that state and local government do. If you want to see a huge list of federal programs, go here.

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@daloon Thank you, for some reason I couldn’t figure out what search words to use for that.

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@YARNLADY the detritis of a mispent youth (or middle age). I had to use that database for a study once.

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@daloon oops, I spoke too soon, that link didn’t work for me.

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@dverhey That entry is dated January, but I think it is the closest thing to an April Fools joke there can be.

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How about this one? It’s the main site, and you have to choose programs and hit submit. That should take you there.

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@YARNLADY: Yeah. I know. It’s a joke of sorts.

Just not a very good one.

But about anything I could bring up has already been listed above.

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@daloon yes, that worked. thanks.

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In addition to the many things listed above: Labor laws and workplace safety standards (OSHA). Medicine standards (FDA). Many works of art.

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