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Does Costco offer one day pass?

Asked by bianlink (164points) May 6th, 2009

How to get a one day/time pass from Costco?

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You can get them sometimes as a promotion, but generally they don’t have ‘em.

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Answer, found by googling ‘one day membership at costco.’

Pay the $50 or go to Sam’s Club instead. They offer “one days.”

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I believe that Costco does have one day passes to try it out.

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i don’t think so – and i have been shopping there since it was Price Club/Costco. i will call costco tomorrow (thursday) and ask.

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I called them last week to ask about it. You can go look around, but not buy anything. ITthey occasionally have open days or promotional one day passes. It’s rare, but it happens. Especially if CostCo is new to the area.

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They occasionally have advertising specials.

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Remember, if you have a friend, you can go into the store with them as a guest. The cashiers don’t seem to care at all about integrity of members cards, as I have used my mother’s Costco card (with her present) to ring up my groceries right after she paid for her own set of groceries.

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Here’s a trick:

Don’t walk in the Entrance (on the right). Instead walk in the Exit (on the left)—they’re side by side.

The id checkers only work the Entrance. But if you go in the Exit, that’s how you get to the returns counter, the food court, and the membership desk… so they don’t check ids there. (There will be someone checking receipts for people leaving, but they won’t card you.)

So, go in the Exit, walk to the cashiers and go through the wrong way into the store proper.

Of course, you cannot actually buy anything without a membership, though. But by getting into the store and looking around, maybe you’ll see a lot of stuff will help you decide if membership is a good idea.

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If you can get a member to go in and buy you a gift card that works as a one day pass.

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judi is right – you can give a gift card that enables people to go in – for that matter the price of a gift card might be the price of a membership – in case you want to go back. also, a lot of people don’t know this but you don’t have to be a member to use the pharmacy or the optometrist. i was going to call costco today like i said i would but didn’t have a chance.

there is also a costco american express card that gives cash back the more you spend at costco

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how do i get a free day pass

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how do i print a free pass

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@orville Go to their website.

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