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What are some less-cliche, non-creepy but flirtatious compliments someone can give to a girl?

Asked by compuscreen (6points) May 6th, 2009

If I were a girl and some guy tried to flirt with me by telling me I had “beautiful eyes” or a great smile, I think I would throw up. Any less-cliche but still flattering compliments? Complimenting an article of clothing is already one idea, or perhaps thats too corny.

Girls? Anything?

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I got told a few weeks ago: If looks could kill, you’d be a murderer.

Buuuuut, that’s pretty cheesy. I thought it was pretty funny nonetheless.

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Honestly, I think the only non-cheesy compliments are genuine ones, which by their very nature, tend to be spontaneous and cannot be rehearsed.

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All pick up lines are cheesy if they aren’t genuine. There’s nothing wrong with telling someone they have beautiful eyes if you honestly mean it. Regardless of any line you use, smart girls know it’s a pick up line. Sometimes we will laugh and let it go because we find you cute and interesting. So instead of planning what to say, just walk up and go with the flow.

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Giant polar bear (What?) It’s an icebreaker. Hi, my name is….

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Compliment them on something about their personality. It shows you actually pay attention and like her for her.

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I had a guy pass me a note in a bar last week that said how I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and that I needed to come over and talk to him a NOTE The bad thing is he even got his friend to deliver it to me.

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If she’s easy to talk to, let her know. You could also tell her that her laugh is infectious.

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“You look fucking great. I have to run, but I needed to tell you that now in case I don’t see you again later. You look awesome, perfect, totally. Bye!”

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“I’m not an annelid and I don’t come from Jarlsberg, so I can tell you hot hot you are without being creepy or cheesy!”

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But what if you’re an auto mechanic from Wisconsin? Kind of a hard sell there…

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@sjmc1989 so did you go over and talk to him? Did you assume that if he didn’t have the juevos to at least deliver the note himself, or ask if he could walk over to you that he wasn’t worth it?

@Knotmyday, I love it! Seriously, you had me a fucking!

All that being said I’m with @reverie the best, least cheesy compliment is a genuine compliment.

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I would notice the details if I were you. just say, ‘hey, blank looks different about you’ or this and that, and she’ll think it’s great that you actually noticed (I think).

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@SuperMouse I wrote him a note back and delivered it myself and said if he wanted to talk he better be making the effort to come to me. He wrote another note said for me to make room he was coming my way I look up and he in fact was coming towards me. He even put smiley faces on the notes

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@sjmc1989, I’m hinged! What happened next?!

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Exactly what @reverie said. If you want it to come off nicely and not be cliche or lame say what your feeling, not some stupid rehearsed thing.

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@SuperMouse Ok so he came over sat with me and my friend he was a lot older than me and he was a little drunk. I kind of just messed with him the whole night. He was fun to talk to because he was hilarious. He tried to get me to go with him to another bar I declined, and then he gave me his number and begged me to go out with him that saturday. He drunk friends kept yelling across the bar to him. I said I would call him and told him he definitely needed to start picking up girls more often with notes. Then he says “Yeah I haven’t used that one in a good 5 years”

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@sjmc1989 lol4rl! What a great story! Thank you for sharing it!

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“you got a purdy mouf”

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@SuperMouse Anytime I always have strange people hit on me in strange ways it keeps it entertaining at least. Come back next week I’ll probably have a few more for you

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I can’t afford to give out my secrets online. I’ve worked hard on my successful lines.
If I give them out online then they’re not original anymore.

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i read once—and it felt right to me—that even more than we want love, we (ppl) want to be seen/known/understood for who we are. so i agree: praise something you like (and since you want to flirt, you like something, yeah?). even better, as @ccbatx says, notice the details. once i was in a relationship for nearly two years that began with exactly that: i was charmed that he really saw something of who i am. sadly, it turned out to be almost the only thing he ever did see about me…

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@compassionate heretic your words may be fine, but i see from your picture you’re cute. that never hurts ; )

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Just look at her directly – with eye contact, and say ‘wow’. But a woman knows when a guy likes her, if they stay around long enough, you have a good chance that she is liking you back.
Attraction is not based on words – but rather feeling. You cant fake chemistry! Words loose importance… :)

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If it sounds like a line, it is a line, and you’re already out on your ass. It’s always good to introduce yourself and start a conversation first if you’re going to compliment a girl you don’t know. But if you do know her, something a little more personal than “you’re beautiful” can go a long away. Girls put a lot of effort into their appearance and are always pleasantly surprised when their efforts are noticed. One last thing—it is never a bad idea to compliment a girl on her personality or intelligence. Just make sure she’s earned it.

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Who’s this punk? It’s a good thing I wasn’t there.
I would have chewed it up and made a spitball out of it.

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@SeventhSense He couldn’t even compare to You so of course I had to send him packin’

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You have a purty mouth

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compliment something on her, but never the girl directly unless you know her well and you already have some sort of relationship.

if it’s a stranger, i find that most attractive girls usually have their ‘ego-shells’ on. they’ll assume (usually rightly) that you just want to get in their pants so keep it a little low key. in fact, you might one to try knocking their egos just a little, at least you’ll leave an impression. (obviously, dont do this with sweet girls)

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sjmc1989, Im older guy, I travel and meet wonderful beautiful women all the time. I believe I meet them for the self esteem and not the actual pick up. Ego i guess.

I hope that I dont come off like a note passing kind of guy though, I’m just friendly.

Hope he has found his beauty, I can see why he has chosen you after 5 years of not doing it to anybody else.

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