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Are you in love, right now?

Asked by Zen (7738points) May 7th, 2009

Who’s the lucky…?

Never been in love? Hmmm. Do you agree with Shakespeare’s “Better to have love and lost…?”

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I do agree with Shakespeare’s “Better to have loved and lost”. As difficult as heartbreak can be, to experience real intimate love is a beautiful thing and worth the risk. I’m not currently in love, but look forward to the next ‘real deal’.

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I agree with Shakespeare as well. The experience. The emotions. The passion. The fireworks. All of it. Is. Amazing. Indescribable unless you have experienced it firsthand.

And yes, I am in love right now.
But it’s unrequited and painful.

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I agree with shakespeare, it IS better…
an yes I am still in love with my SO

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I have been in love several times, but only two times have been the real deal. One of them was the one. Still love her to pieces of course. Shakespear is not all correct there IMO. There were episodes in my life I would have been better off without.

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Yes, I agree with Shakepeare. That’s was pretty much how I felt in January after my break-up.

As far as being in love now—I’m gettin’ there. :)

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Yes, I’m in love right now
I used to agree with the better to have lost and loved” but, even if you’ve never been in love, your soulmate could still be out there.

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I’ve been in love for 12 years straight now. It doesn’t seem like it’s been 12 years, though. Wow. Now I’m in love AND feel kind of old.

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I’ve thought about this recently. Even in various answers I’ve given on this site, I’ve said, “Oh yes, I loved this guy!” Now I’m not so sure. Never having learned to love myself until very recently, I feel it’s probably more honest to say that I haven’t ever been “in love”. Crushes and infatuation and limerance, yes. Love? Real love? No. I’ve been simultaneously too self-absorbed and too worried about what my bf’s thought of me and worried about when they were going to abandon me to be in a place of true generosity and giving myself over to actually loving someone like that.

I know the adults in my life were only trying to spare me heartbreak by telling me things like, “Men like a challenge. Don’t let your kindness be taken for weakness, or he’ll just use you. The moment you tell a man you love him, he knows he’s got you and he’s won. Men never stick around; they can’t help it. They always cheat”, but what do adults honestly expect to come out of such teachings? I “learned” that I can’t trust anyone and that all men would be out to use me. I treated all my bf’s as though what I was taught was true. Who’s going to put up with someone not trusting them and who’s waiting to be dumped? Ergo, I have no partner now.

When I think of all the decent men I turned away, refused to accept dates from or sabotaged relationships with because I was afraid of being slept with and abandoned… I feel sick. Sure, that’s all some men wanted. But I now realize there were quite a few over the years that I was interested in but scared of, who honestly liked me for reasons other than just having a pretty face and a warm body. I never gave them a chance. :’(

So, yeah, even if my heart would’ve gotten broken, I should’ve let relationships happen and go to their natural end instead of running away or forcing a guy’s hand to dump me. I got hurt anyway, but I did it to myself. I know this is long, but if one person out there reads this and is scared right now of being in a relationship, don’t be scared! Get out there and meet someone!

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I’m in long term love, the stage past that initial attraction and passionate desire. Not saying I don’t still have that passion, it’s just interesting to note that my love feelings have changed as the duration of my relationship increases.

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Yeah, I am in love right now.
Everyone doesn’t see him as the best guy for me, but I know for right now he is.

He knows how to keep me sane and happy and to me that’s a pretty hard job. so forget shakesphere, I like being in love :)

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I wish I couldn’t feel emotions because it seems to distract me from everything around me. I wish I never loved anyone. I wish no girl loved me. I want to feel nothing.

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@qualitycontrol sometimes I feel the same, I get so distracted I forget about my own feelings and what I feel a relationship should really be

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In love. For about 11 months, closing the year gap. My first love too (Sadly, I didn’t score until I turned 18). As far as I can tell, we are still solid and will stay that way. Were both extremely picky, yet met each others standards. Nice, if I do say so myself.

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@aprilsimnel Sounds like we got the same kind of instruction on men. My mom always told me, from a very young age, “All men are jerks. Never trust any of them.” You grow up hearing that over and over, and you can’t help but absorb it. Luckily, my first serious, long-term boyfriend (in college) was the opposite of everything my mom always claimed men to be. And then I dumped him. ;) However, I did take away from that experience the knowledge that my mom was wrong, even if her intentions were good.

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I am in love. So much in love, I do everything with her. My life feels empty when she is not around. Good thing I married her, lol!!!

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I am greatly in love, yes
I am incredibly lucky

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I never knew love until I met my husband. I’m one lucky girl.

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I’m in love with my husband…it’s not the same as when we were first in love and newly married. It’s more of a comfortable, been married a while in love. It’s just as good as the new love, but in a different way.

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Yes. I’ve been in love with the same guy for 44 years. We’ve had some big bumps in our marriage, but we’re still here, still making the effort & still loving each other.

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I am totally, and 100% in love. I know she is the one. :-)

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Yes I am in love with the mother of my two children. We have been married for 15 years.

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I am in love. I am head over heels, over the moon, hopefully in love with my man. Like @jonsblond, I didn’t know what it was to love until I met him.

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I’ve been in love sense I first saw that cute girl with the long blond hair. That was 1967. It’s been 42 years and I love her as much now as ever. Because of shyness and life it took 32 years for us to be together.But today because of distance and children we are no longer together. We both know we love each other and that love will last forever.

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No; my most recent relationship ended in January. I am open to meeting someone and trying again; but I am not too concerned with trying to make it happen. I am enjoying this time in my life, taking care of myself, getting together with friends, spending time with my son (whenever he finds time for me), and doing the things I like to do. I am confident that love will happen when the time is right.

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I am in love. He’s great.

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Hi, I do think it’s better to love and lost than never to love at all, because you learn some much about yourself in the process…I am in love right now and he loves me with all his heart, I am soaking up in his love…

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I am in love with the most amazing man ever.. we’ve been through so much in the past five years, but it has only made our bond stronger. I couldnt imagine not ever feeling this way.. we’ve gotten past that butterflies and nervous stage.. although I must say that once in a while I do feel like a teenager again with the butterflies in my stomach when he kisses me or comes and puts his arm around me..<3

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@shaunabee101 Welcome to fluther, thanks for letting me be your first posted comment. Lurve.


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Being in love is the most rewarding, and tragic feeling in the world. It’s what makes the world spin, our feet stay grounded and hearts pounding (hypothetically, of course).
I’m in love and every time I look at my man, I am filled with warmth and happiness, and every second away from him, the world seems a little bit dimmer.
To experience love, is to have lived.

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