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Ever fallen in love with someone without feeling the "butterflies"?

Asked by Jude (32162points) January 12th, 2009

It’s happened to me. I truly loved her and was in love with her; was sexually and physically attracted to her, but, I did’t get ‘that feeling’ at any point during our relationship.

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While I might have had that feeling for the first month or two, it’s long since gone. My relationship is butterfly-free, that’s fine with me! I’ve read some literature that describes our brains during different phases in love and relationships, and apparently this (the losing of butterflies) is correlated with moving from the initial infatuation stage towards a long term partnering kind of love.

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I associate the butterflies with a nervous anxiety, a good kind but anxiety none the less. If you’re comfortable with someone from the beginning then it’s completely possible.

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I got “that feeling” when I got into my first major relationship back in my freshman year of high school, but when I got into a relationship with my ex, whom I loved to all ends of the earth, and I didn’t get those butterflies at all. I don’t think they are any real indication of love or romance.

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