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For anyone who has seen (and can remember) "The Goonies", do you think that it would be appropriate for a 6 year old and an 8 year old boy?

Asked by Jude (32120points) May 7th, 2009

I remember loving it as a kid. I’m wanting to pick it up for my nephews, but I can’t remember if there’s swearing and parts that may be a little “too old” for these kids.

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Oh, the Goonies. Memories. I’ve got Cyndi Lauper’s theme song in my ears now. I think it would be great.

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Yes not to much cursing or anything that i remember.

Plus you can get them to do the Truffle Shuffle for you!

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It depends on the 6 year old and an 8 year old boy but I don’t see why not.

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I totally watched it along with “Stand By Me” when I was that age. Both are two of my favorite movies.

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yeah, i was 6 or so when that movie came out. i loved it. there’s a few terse moments, but nothing shockingly so.

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There is a part where the kids break-off the penis of one of the statues in the main boy’s (forgot his name) house, and the boys are a bit crass. Plus, there is some sexual innuendo—a boy looking at a girls legs and down her shirt. Up to you I guess. My parents let me watch Amityville Horror when I was 8.

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@tinyfaery Right, I remember. Ah, well, there are some of that in Shrek even.

Why not ask their parents?

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I can’t see why not. Really, the humor is equal to a lot of animated movies out there, right now. Really, sit and watch Shrek, you’ll find the same humor. (GA @oratio)

If you can, ask the parents, if not – I would be okay with the movie….that’s just my opinion, though.

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I remember thinking this movie was more of a pre-teen film than something appropriate for a six year old. But as others have pointed out, a lot of movies made today, Shrek being a good example, that are made for kids, have a lot more crass content than films made back when Goonies was first release. Asking the parents seems like the best advice.

If you have questions like this in the future, I recommend I use it to see what we’re getting into before we decide what our kids can see. is also decent, but tends to be less comprehensive. Both are free, but are supported by subscriptions and advertisements, so contribute freely! I had hoped that one or the other of these two sites would have the Goonies rated on it, but it’s not there. I suspect it’s too old, and that they only rate more recent films.

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Yes, it would be perfect for that age. The scary parts will be scary, but they’re supposed to be. And they aren’t horribly scary even at that age.

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Every child needs to watch it Sloth might scare him a little though.

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I am in the minority here, but I say wait
The language isn’t awful (lots of booger humor), but some scarey stuff that might be better left for a couple years.
Go for it at 10 and 8.

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There just seems to be a rush to get kids to see movies clearly for older kids. Let them have a childhood. Let them see the Disney stuff, the Stooges, and the sweet stuff before piling this on them.

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its a great gotta see movie theres nothing to bad in there.

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Ah, the Goonies! I lurved it. I think 6/8 might be a little too young for it, but can’t clearly recall why.

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sure… it will make your children more imaginative. its a spielberg film. quoting one scene from the movie “this penny this penny right here, this is my penny, this is my wish… i’ll taking them all” i felt for that character..

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Heeeeeyyyy yoooouuu guuuuyyyyyyssss!

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@fish4answers: I’ve never heard anyone state that watching movies will make children more imaginative, especially with regard to one particular movie. Do you know of any scientific studies that would support your assertion?

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I talked to their Mama and she gave me the “Otay”. I’m going to pick it up for them tomorrow. They’re coming over tomorrow night and we’re going to watch it and bust out the pop and Cheetos, woot! ;-)

I’m sure that they’ll love it.

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@gundark didn’t you learn anything from watching goonies? didn’t you want to explore and broader your mind or even be inspired by watching it? i guess not.

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@fish4answers—there are movies that I have found inspiring. Goonies was not one of them. Goonies was simply . . . poorly edited.

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They watched it after school and loved it! The older boy covered his face at first when Sloth made an appearance, but, then was laughing (nervously) when Sloth and Chunk fed each other the Baby Ruth. They loved Data (inventions) and I had to fast forward the hanging at the beginning. By the end, they were re-enacting parts of the movie. So cute! =)

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Now you’ve got me in the mood. I’m going to have to rent it and watch it with my girlies!

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@Gundark—looking back at i now as an adult, the movie was so 80’s.. but as a child or kid the movie will do.

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I remember seeing this as a kid, and I don’t think it should be too much of a problem. Just be sure to watch it with them.

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