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What is your favorite bar in New York City?

Asked by Triiiple (1356points) May 7th, 2009

Going to NYC to visit my mom and family, for the first time ill be in NYC and 21 years old.

What is your favorite bar in NYC and why? I cant wait to finally see NYC night life from the drunk perspective :)

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St. Andrews

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Oh, The Bell House in Brooklyn is really good, as is the Henry Street Ale House on, naturally, Henry Street in Brooklyn.

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Well if you’re going to do it go with the loudest and longest running club in the city- Webster Hall- a four floor circus. You can go to a pub anywhere but if you want an experience go to the Jewel of the Village

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Floyd! You can play bocce indoors!

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What is he an Old Italian Man? Maybe he can meet Sammy the Bull and Luciano for an espresso at the gun club..

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@SeventhSense – Ha! Gangsters, actually, would stick out in the Floyd neighborhood like a broken, bleeding thumb what’s gotten the screws put to it.

I also like the Old Town Bar and Grill on 18th Street between Broadway and Park Avenue South, not only for its yummy cheeseburgers, but for the nostalgia of the opening credits to Late Night with David Letterman, when they had a steadi-cam go through the bar.

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what’s gotten the screws put to it.
Have you been hanging out with old Bill you rapscallion

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Moto in Brooklyn. It’s beer and wine but good variety and excellent menu, atmosphere and crowd.

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I’m a fan of a particular dive bar in Harlem/Morningside Heights, but where are you going to be?

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Im from Harlem (118th and Morningside) but my mom now lives in the Bronx but i have family in Harlem and Midtown Manhattan.

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Well I’m all about Soundz in Morningside Heights, Forum, Cooper 35 Asian Pub, Bar None, and Union Square Coffee Shop all in the East Village.

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