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Grow old and look old or(finance allowing)have surgery and risk looking like a stretched polythene bag?

Asked by FAGIN (181points) May 9th, 2009
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I’m okay with aging. My mother has aged beautifully. But, at the same time, she’s a bigger woman and they say the more plump you are the healthier you look as you age aka skinny old people look like skeletons. So, I’ll probably have to gain some weight when I’m older haha.

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I have earned every wrinkle I have. I am quite comfortable in my skin.

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Grow old gracefully, you earned those wrinkles. Wear them proudly, dont be vain.

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I have no problems with wrinkles and old age. That said, I’m not against plastic surgery either. But I would never take it to the point where I would look like a stretched polyethylene bag. That’s just gross.

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I wouldn’t get any plastic surgery. Every time I see Joan Rivers it makes me kinda laugh. There is nothing wrong with aging gracefully.

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I’m growing ‘older’ & am proud of how I look. I’ve never smoked, never tanned, & I have no wrinkles. My mom stressed to me ever since I was young to take care of my skin & I’ve always used good mostureizers. I’m always taken to be younger than I am. Our grandkids have been taken for my kids. Age & looks aren’t meeting on MY face.

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@jbfletcherfan looks to me that it could be the nuts you’ve had.

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@FAGIN: You need to rethink the aging process, please. See your earlier question;

Personally, I am delighted with how I look, and people regularly tell my 94 yr old mother how beautiful she is. She was born a great beauty (tapped twice for movie contracts when she was 18) and still is.

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Hm, it seems FAGIN had some weird preoccupation with aging, being old, killing old people, etc. Strange… then again, trolls always are.

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