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Guys: Braun Series 3 or Series 5?

Asked by killertofu (115points) May 10th, 2009

what is the difference between the series 3 and series 5? on the box, the difference is the series 5 has the unique center comb and “Gillette Blade Technology,” unlike the series 3. preferences?

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Lately I’ve been finding that that smoothness of the shave depends more on your “Shaving technique than the razor itself. I’ve been applying less pressure and found I cut myself less while still getting a nice smoothing.
The only razor that I’ve seen have a better effect due to something that has been added is the Gillette fusion power because the vibration does seem to help. 2 blades Vs. 3 Vs. 4.Vs 5 vs. that old mad tv joke about 15 blades Doesn’t really matter. In fact if you’re able to find a barber who’s good with an old straight razor (Sweeney todd style minus the throat slashing) he’ll give you a much closer shave than any overpriced disposable.
“Gillette blade technology” means “phrase we came up with to say that our blades, which are exactly the same as any other, are somehow superior so that you can justify it in your mind to pay more for them”.
I’m real cynical when it comes to advertisements.

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@Resonantscythe im more interested in significant differences between either series, besides the obvious marketing scheme with their blade technology.

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