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Will Apple Store replace iPhone for free?

Asked by tjstalcup (4points) December 20th, 2007

I have had it since launch date, and it keeps saying connect to iTunes, when I do, it says take it to an apple store, that it is damaged. It also does not hold a charge. It only stays on if it is plugged into a power source.

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Yes, but Apple may want to send it away to try to repair it first.

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If there’s something wrong with it that’s covered by the warranty, Apple will repair or replace it. If it’s something you did that broke it, Apple will not repair or replace it.

That’s how warranties work.

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Well it was nothing I did, just out of no where while I’m listening to music, it started this cycle of restarting every 3 minutes and telling me to connect to iTunes, and wouldn’t charge anymore.

Also, do I need to have the original box and everything that came with it, or just the phone?

Do I have to wait for AT&T or Apple to validate that it was not on me before I get a new phone? I don’t want to be a few days / weeks w/o my precious.

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I just called AppleCare, they said that is nothing damaged, it’s a software issue. She is trying to find out if I need the whole box or not. I have a schedule Genius Bar appointment tonight at 6:20pm

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Another mystery solved…sweet gratification…

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Most excellent!

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My brother-in-law had his video iPod go bust, and we took it to an Apple store and with no questions asked they gave him a brand new one. Apple is pretty good to its customers most of the time.

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Yes Apple store does replace your iPhone if nothings wrong with it.

On a side note you dont always get a brand new iPod – most of the time its a refurbished model that looks and acts like a brand new one.

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yes, they give u a loaner while its being repaired.

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Ok, so my friend dropped his i phone and now only half of the screen works do you think apple will replace his phone?

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They will replace it if nothing is wrong with it? Why would you get it replaced them jdmiller you moron.

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