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Best earbuds for under $50?

Asked by LocoLuke (1126points) May 11th, 2009

To all you audiophiles out there, can you recommend me any good earbuds for a decent price? I’m currently using a pair of J2’s.

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I use Skullcandy earbuds, you can buy them almost anywhere, they’re cheap, have decent quality and you can beat the crap out of them. But they aren’t exactly top of the line.

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hm, any that you would recommend for sound quality?

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@LocoLuke: I owned both of these and loved them, one is about ten bucks below your price, one is twenty above. :)

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thanks, I’ll check them out!

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You should check out HeadRoom’s selection guide. It looks they would tell you to get the Sennheiser MX 760.

Yes, they sell headphones, and so that could potentially color their recommendations. I think they’re trustworthy, though, and I don’t personally have any qualms about taking their advice. They’ve done well for me in the past.

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Thanks, do you guys have any recommendations for ear canal headphones?

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Again, you can learn a lot by poking around on HeadRoom:

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hehe, ok.
thanks again, I think I’ll look at them tomorrow when I’m slightly more awake.

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@LocoLuke I don’t mean to sound annoyed or anything. I’m not. I know you’d probably like to hear people’s opinions rather than just receive links to reviews. That’s what I have to offer, though, and it is a pretty useful site. :-)

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scullcandy definately brings home some high quality bacon, but 25 big ones for earbuds??? the military doesnt pay me that well. honestly, i have these dinky 4.99 set of jellies that i found at a walgreens rockin’ my ear drums every day. and, sure you lose the high hats and some of the very low base tones, but that happpens even with those bose noise cancelly headphones. you can get decent earbuds for under $10 at any convenient store. the jellies are me choice.

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Do you need ear buds? Known for their amazing sound reproduction, the Koss PortaPro headphone is back in production, after hearing all people cry for it, after being discontinued somewhere in the 80s. They are very easily driven and will give you good enough volume on low power mobile units like an ipod as well as give you astonishing sound.

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Just looking around, I figured out that apparently I’ve been inserting my current earbuds incorrectly, not sealing my ear canal.
I think i’ve just rediscovered the quality of my current earbuds, as now I can actually hear the bass in the music, which I felt was previously missing and was also the reason I was looking around for better earbuds.

Thanks for the help anyways, If I buy anything, it will be new eartips which fit my ear better, because the current ones aren’t the best, but the quality of my earbuds is fine for now.

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This is from like a year and a half ago, but i want you all to go to bed with that warm feeling in your heart knowing it wasn’t wasted, because it helped ME!

Thank you all. :D

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