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Anyone know anything about nose piercings?

Asked by electricsky (825points) May 11th, 2009

I really want to get my nose pierced. I just want a small, simple, subtle little stud. My mom has agreed to let me do it, but now I have some questions.

1) Will the piercing place let me choose to have a gun instead of a needle, or will they insist on using the needle?
2) Does it hurt a lot? On a scale of 1 – 10, how much does it hurt? Do the needles hurt more than the gun?
3) How long does it take to heal enough so that I can take it out for a day, and then easily put it back in?
4) Is the risk of an infection the same as an ear piercing, or more or less? Will I have to clean it every day?

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Umm.. I don’t have my nose pierced, but I’m pretty sure they don’t use a gun like they do for ear piercings. How would they get it up your nostril? They’ll probably use a needle just like they do for most non-ear piercings. No matter what you ask for.
It’ll probably hurt just like any other piercing. You’re nose is basically cartilage. You’ll be just fine. I’m guessing a pain of about 3 or 4. (Unless you’re super sensitive.)
I think it’d take a few months to heal completely. Again, it’s cartilage. I’m basing my judgment off of the fact that I wasn’t supposed to take my cartilage piercing out for months.
It’s in your nose, it can get infected. Follow the instructions they give you. Keep it clean.

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I know that people scream when you pull them out. I have watched a few bar fights.

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1) Really the only place you can get pierced with a gun is your ear.

2) I didn’t think it hurt that much, but I have a pretty high pain tolerance ;) I pierced my own ears after all, including my tragus…

3) If you clean the piercing well it could heal in 6 weeks. It’s a pretty open area so it doesn’t breed infection like your belly button or some crevice in your ear, but then again its your face, so it might be more tempting to touch. But really you shouldn’t take it out. It’s risky. And usually it takes longer than that to heal—up to 12 weeks.

4) Yes there’s the same risk of infection. If the piercer gives you stuff to clean it with don’t use it. Clean it every day, even multiple times a day with warm sea salt water. You can also try diluted (very important) tea tree oil in warm water. Some people recommend using antibacterial soap, but I have had luck with just the salt water and tea tree oil.
Only once it has fully healed should you use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean it.

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I don’t have my nose pierced, but my best friend did. She said it was painful, but not so much that it was significant. Her piercing took a long time to heal – she took it out before the recommended date and had extreme difficulty – and experienced a lot of pain – trying to get it back in. She couldn’t do it herself and had to go back to the shop so the piercer could put it back in for her. All in all, it takes quite a while to heal.
aviona is right – sea salt water is the best thing you can use to clean it and a lot of piercers sell it to you directly now.

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Also @electricsky, when you get it done consider getting a ring rather than a stud. I actually wanted a ring and it turned out to be easier to clean I think.

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I didn’t think the pain was bad at all, much less pain than a cartilidge piercing in the ear. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say a 3 at the most. The first time I took my stud out, it was so painful trying to get it back in, so I found one I liked and never took it out again for about a year. Now, I’ve had my piercing for several years and can go for a week at a time without it. And if someone is willing to pierce your nose with a piercing gun, run away-you only do those with a needle.

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It doesn’t hurt. It’s a quick pinch, your eyes may water a little. A needle is the only proper way to pierce anything on your body. It looks worse than it actually is. I pierced my own nose twice, no biggie. Most piercers will only use a certain sized piece of jewelry, as it swells a bit and teensy tiny jewelry runs the risk of being grown over or tearing your skin. You may not be able to get the exact size you want immediately, but your piercer can change it out for you in a month or two. I use Prevon soap to clean piercings. After it heals a bit I use Bactine once in a while. Do not take a piercing out before it’s healed, or it closes really fast. Healing time is different for each person.

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