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What was the name of the group with the 90's hit that included monks chanting?

Asked by syz (35649points) May 12th, 2009

It was dance/trance type music and included the sounds of a woman reaching orgasm.

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Totally enigma

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@tinyfaery & @Dr_C do you have a link to this enigma song?

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Enigma is a band. Try google.

edit:: more of a group than a band

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Well i tried google, but i couldn’t find anything that fitted the description, so i was wondering if anyone that knows what song this is could provide a link. Thanks

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i was thinking Enigma as well, until i read the “woman reaching orgasm”.
have absolutely no idea now.

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Enigma is the answer I was looking for. Thanks.

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Syz, you made my ‘morning’.

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And if you want the particular song with the orgasm womam in I think it’s Sadness, part I

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hey, arent there some monks chanting in that other song by the pet shop boys? was it “west end girl?” remember that one??? that was the 80s though i think. oh well, never mind.

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@tinyfaery that video won’t play in my country…

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Mea Culpa is the song with the orgasmic sounds, I believe. I have all the Enigma CDs, and I listen to them regularly, but I still could be wrong. My favorite song/video is Return to Innocence. All of them can be found at YouTube.

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