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Will you list 3 or your pet peeves?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (39017points) May 12th, 2009

1. I can’t stand people screaming into their cell phones when they’re in a public place
2. I can’t stand people (in an ironic attempt to stay ‘clean’ themselves) who sprinkle urine on toilet seats because they don’t want to touch the seat – well, guess what, when I sit down, I don’t want to touch your urine

3. I can’t stand people standing in the middle of busy streets – hello, tourists

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I hate when people say a big flat colored canvas isn’t art just because they don’t understand the context or history.

I hate people who grab my arms and make me touch something with no warning, particularly if it’s something on their body.

I hate judgments and self-righteous fuckwits.

And I love all of your pet peeve choices. I agree.

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People who say “good” when they mean “well”
People who misuse acronyms (ie, “PIN Number” or “ATM Machine”)

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People who flick their cigarette out of their car.
Slow drivers in the left lane.
Religious folk who knock on my door unexpectedly.

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Improper pronunciation of words (i.e. “nukular” and “disorientated”)

People who ask me if I am going to be on the Weather Channel some day. No

When I’m walking down the sidewalk and there are two people approaching me, walking side by side and they don’t change to walk single file when I come up to them. They force me onto the street or the grass.

Basically, my pet peeve is “people”.

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Crowds- I cannot stand them and avoid them at all costs.

Graffiti on public property.

People who talk about other people and delight in relaying the private misfortune of others.

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People who go into Starbucks at 8:00 am M-F, and read the entire board trying to figure out what they want.

People who smell like cigarette smoke.

Waiting in a long line to check out , another line opens up and the cashier yells “next in line” – then the person at the back of my line jumps over. Next means NEXT !

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1. People saying ”begs the question” when they really mean “raises the question.”
2. Talking on a cell phone while driving
3. Perkiness before 7:00 AM

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Driving Peevs:
1.) Not giving the ‘thank you’ wave when someone lets them in.
2.) Not signaling when merging, changing lanes, or turning.
3.) Slowbies in the left lane.

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1. The thing that is happening in this thread. @crusader
2. People smoking around me after I have made it known that it is unpleasant.
3. The southern dialect.

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I’m sorry, but I have to edit mine. I have a huge pet peeve that I know I mentioned once before on Fluther, but I can’t find.

TV meteorologists are the only anchor who get blamed for what they present.
For example: “Hey Bob, when are you going to make it rain?” or “How about working on getting rid of this heat, Sally?”
But never: “Thanks for the war, George.” or “Please don’t let the Cubs lose, Al.”
What’s the deal?

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1. When people stay in problematic relationships
2. When people think certain things (for lack of a better word) are OK because that’s what they grew up with
3. People using God’s name in vain

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1. People who smoke
2. when people lick their hands
3. long lines

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1. People who quote Rush as if his comments are their own thoughts. That explains “dotto head” I guess.
2. Members of any religious organization going door-to-door asking if I would like to discuss the Bible, Koran, Torah…
3. Text message spam on my phone..
Edit Ummm… what part of 3 do I not understand?

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Smokers: I will cross a street to avoid one.

People who insist they are right even when they are proven wrong: My mother & my sister-in-law are like this.

Customer service folks who are rude: If you don’t like working with the public, get another job.

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apparently a lot of people don’t like smokers

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I only have one proper pet peeve.

People who display a lack of self-awareness and an understanding that others are similarly self-aware.

For me, that issue pretty much underlies and explains most behaviour I find troubling in other people.

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1. People who don’t say thank you.
2. People who take their good fortune for granted.
3. Hiccups. (I get them all the time!)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir That’s right. Add ME to that list, too.

Now to my pet peeves:
1) tailgaters. Get OFF of my bumper!
2) people who don’t push their chairs back up to the table in restaurants
3) loud talking on cell phones

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Crappy drivers
Disrespectful people

There’s a lot of behaviour that these types of people demonstrate which annoys or endangers me.

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1. When people decide to hate smokers instead of hating the act of smoking.
2. When someone parks right in the middle of the space in front of my house and I can’t park either in front of them or behind.
3. When people can’t make the distinction between good music and music they like.

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1. People who attempt to hide their mistake or blame others instead of just saying “I screwed up,” dealing with the situation, and moving on.
2. People who talk during movies.
3. People who always have a story to one up anyone else’s.

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“it’s” vs. “its”
“fewer” vs. “less”
“loose” when they mean “lose”

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@Stanley I totally agree on “loose” vs. “lose.” Another one that gets me is “then” instead of “than.”

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@Supacase Oh yes, that’s another good one.

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How about their, they’re & there? I have a friend who constantly gets these wrong & it drives me nuts!

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How about the phasing out of the past participle? I am ready to strangle anyone who says “I should have came” or “you should have ran.”

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1) people who park illegally in handicapped spaces. Doubly peeved if they put their flashers on as though that somehow makes it less illegal, or somehow makes the spot accessible to someone who actually needs it. You’re not a hazard, you’re a lazy jackass who should be grateful you’re healthy and that you or someone you love doesn’t have MS or Parkinsons, etc.

2) people who don’t put their shopping carts away. Doubly peeved if you leave it in a handicapped spot, in a prime parking place, or leave it somewhere where it may roll away and dent my car. Yes, there are people whose job it is to gather up the carts ... there are also people who are paid to clean the bathrooms where you work, it doesn’t mean it’s o.k. to piss on the floor.

3) people who grocery shop and talk on their cell phones (blue tooth headphones in particular) Doubly peeved if a) you are an incompetent multitasker and can’t do both, b) you are oblivious to others and stop and block the aisle. Put break lights on your ass or get off the phone c) you are oblivious and are blocking my access to the produce, soup, cereal, etc. Learn to multitask or get off the phone.

Thanks for the question Simone, as you can see, I enjoyed venting. :)

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1. talking with mouth full of food
2. fat people complaining about the comfort of furniture, cars, planes, etc.
3. lax hygiene

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@lilycoyote: I’m with ya on the healthy parking in handicapped spots. I want to flatten their tires.

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What about when people take up two spaces? Makes me just want to carve “nice car” across the hood.

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@KatawaGrey That bugs me too, but I sort of got my revenge once, thanks to nature. I was going to Staples and I had to park pretty far away, in the driving rain and on my way into the store I noticed that some jerk was parked diagonally across two spots. However, I also noticed that he had left his left rear window almost all the way down. I usually don’t get pleasure in the misfortune of others but when I saw the rain pouring in his window I felt justice had been served.

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1. People who make annoying noise while eating or chewing gum also can’t stand people who talk with their mouths full
2. Stupid people in general
3. People who preach to me about God and the Bible.

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1. People who say love when they mean like.
2. the inability to just let go and live
3. people who tell me to “calm down” when i’m upset i hate that

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1. When people don’t use their turn signals
2. When my government does awful things in my name using my tax money.
3. When things are in uneven number or not straight.

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hmm, also seems people don’t like religion being shoved down their throats

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Where did that random comment come from? I can’t imagine people like anything be shoved down their throats.

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@Kelly27 wasn’t random, just review the comments above

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I did review the comments above and saw a few people jonsblond, Lupin, knitfroggy mentioned it but not really enough to warrant the comment you made. I guess it comes down to people seeing what they want to see. Out of the 70–80 pet peeves people have mentioned you singled out 3 and made a generalization.

I am not saying that more people don’t dislike religion being shoved down their throat, most people do I am just relating to the information you had to go with on this particular thread that you formed your opinion from

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@Kelly27 I didn’t just single out religion
earlier, I also summarized what I saw about smoking

I summarized that most people don’t like smoking and religion being shoved down their throats
I stand by my summary

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I am not saying I disagree with your summary in general I am just saying you are stretching it to say that you came to that conclusion through this thread as only a very small percentage of people even mentioned it.

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People that wear their Bluetooth earset when they’re not using it.

People that hold a wired handsfree’s mic up to their mouth.

Yes. people that shout into their cellphones. Nothing makes one look like a farty old technophobe more.

People that hold up the line at the grocery by paying with a check.

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1. People who talk when they are eating.

2. Someone coming up to me and telling me“Oh you are here.” are they blind can’t they see for themselves.

3. the person in the car behind me honking incessantly while stuck in a traffic jam.What do they expect me to do fly????

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@knitfroggy The eating noise I hate the most is scraping the fork across your teeth – usually on every single bite. grrrrr

@bright_eyes00 Telling me to “calm down” is one sure way to send me straight from upset to pissed off.

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