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Need a new acoustic guitar; recommendations?

Asked by MooKoo (221points) May 12th, 2009

Oh, and I’m looking at the Applause AE128. Anyone know anything about it maybe?

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I don’t know anything about that guitar. My relative has (had? I don’t know if he has them anymore) three Gibson guitars and he absolutely loves them. His are a Hummingbird (really pretty, my favorite), a J-45 something, and one that is some kind of vintage thing that he doesn’t even play.

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@Allie Thanks, I’ll check them out. I’m also looking into and Epiphone Dove, which is probably just the cheaper version of the Gibson Hummingbird. lol Thanks again though.

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@MooKoo I’ve heard good things about Epiphone. Just get one that is going to last for a while and produce a good sound. Know what I mean?

@bob_ The mods are not in a jokes-before-answers kind of mood. Usually aren’t.

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I have a different Ovation than that model. I like them. I think you really need to go somewhere and try a few out. See how the action feels to you.

See what you think of the shallow body. The deeper notes are not going to ring as vibrantly when you’re not plugged in on a shallower body. But if you’re always plugged in and really like the feel of it then get it. To play all the time as an acoustic guitar it might sound a little wimpy on the lower notes. But that’s really up to you. I’d play one and then play a nice acoustic right next to it. Go back and forth trying them (unplugged) and you’ll see what I mean.

I’d be interested to hear what you finally decide on getting. Cheers!

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One of my favourite “urban folkies,” Mike Doughty, plays a number of Taylors. I think they sound nice. I don’t know the exact model he uses, though. It’s very much a professional musician’s acoustic guitar and is priced accordingly, FYI.

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It depends on how you like to play, and how much you want to spend, but Martins are really good for hard strumming, loud music, and Taylors work really well for quieter styles and finger picking. I’ve never been happy with the Ovation tones, I bet if you payed enough you could find a really good one, but I’m more partial to the Taylors myself. Of course, right now I play on a 20 year old Maton guitar, made in Australia, and it is one of my closest friends. :)

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I don’t like the slippery Ovation backs. They make me have to hold it weird, and I get all tense. If that Applause is in your price range, I say go for it anyway, though, maybe that’s your thing. The Epiphones are a good choice, too, and the Fender, Ibanez, Martin, Takamine, and Alvarez models in that price range all compare. A good friend of mine swears by his Washburn, but me no likey. Stay away from all Dean acoustics.
Ok, I’m done.

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I have an Ibanez and I love it. I actually was going to buy an Ovation when I found the Ibanez. Played them both and I thought the Ibanez had a better tone. Much easier to hold also.

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Thanks everyone! The Taylors and the Martins are a little out of my price range. I’m looking for something around the $200—$300 price range.

For those saying I need to definitely play it first, I know. Haha! I pretty much never order anything off the Internet when it comes to things like this.

@cyndyh Thanks for the info on the Ovation guitars. That’s actually kind of the sound I’m looking for, and now I’m just worried that I’ll have the same problem that @Knotmyday has. The slippery back.

@yodamaycry Thanks for pointing out the Maton’s. Never heard of them before, but they look to be solid guitars. Luckily there is a dealer here in AL. Haha!

I’ll be sure to let everyone know what I do decide on. Thanks again for all the tips/pointers/advice. Keep it coming until I do let you know something for sure. Haha!

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For your price range you can’t go wrong with a Mitchell MD-50. I’ve had mine for close to 15 years and the sound qualitiy has only improved… i have many more expensive guitars and that continues to be my favorite hands down. I got it @ guitar Center for around $150.

Hope that helps.

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