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What do you think of this blog post and the ideas behind it?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6756points) May 12th, 2009

I found this post a while back, and now this question reminded me of it.

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Replace “White” with “African-American” or “Mexican-American.” Is it still wrong? Just something to think about.

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@Allie You’ve got to read all the way to the bottom.

I think it’s just as wrong. We should all be encouraging openness and oneness with each other, not circling the wagons to keep the ‘others’ at bay.

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@augustlan I agree with your comment about the wagon wheels. I’m not saying the article is right (or wrong), simply thinking about this from a different angle.

Edit: Please don’t hurt me. (Hides.)

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@Allie I guess you’ve seen this before.

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Pfft. Hurt Allie? Nevah.

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Jews are a religious group as well as an ethnic group. A direct analogy doesn’t actually apply the way the words are replaced. Try replacing “Jew” with “Catholic” and see if you’re still as offended.

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Here is the thing “White” is a skin color. It is not a race, it is not a culture. Therefor White Pride refers to pride based on skin color alone. This implies dominance or a “better than” approach. And let’s get real, “white pride” is associated with several hate groups.

Now if this group was Scottish pride or even European Ancestry Pride. Or Dutch Pride then it wouldn’t be a problem. Big difference because White Pride is not referring to something. It is defining itself against other’s who are not White because there is no other basis of comparison (i.e. culture).

In contrast: Mexican pride (for example) is about cultural learning and connection to a specific community based on shared values that do not include dominance over another culture or skin color.

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@augustlan funny you are using the term “circling the wagons” to refer to openness and racial equality.

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@RedPowerLady Yeah. It wasn’t right then, it’s not right now.

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It is something that many groups do. I am not a group person so I do not do it.

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Unfourtunately in this world there are still many people with that mentality. I also remeber a guy in Boston radio calling mexicans “primitive”. I felt really offended. I dont know how there are still people eager to publish that kind of stuff.

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