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What is the best way to be a nice guy?

Asked by GoPhillies (162points) May 13th, 2009

Everyone knows that one guy that they admire for being for so nice to other. What are some tips to becoming a really nice guy?

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Need more input.

Are you a mean guy now?
What is the goal in becoming said nice guy?

Are you looking to improve your character?

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Trust me it is not all it is cracked up to be. You need to have a little mean in you. That way you do not get pushed around. But don’t be a total dick. Just be true and honest, harder to actually do, but that is the path I try to follow.

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Sorry, Im not mean i just want people to feel comfortable with me, and view me as a nice guy. So yes i am trying to better my character.

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Think about others first. Do things to help people without being asked.

Be polite.

Repect your parents and others. (respecting those older than you reflects strongly on your character and on the way others perceive you.)

Hold the door open for women.

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try self respect, respect others, keep a positive attitude and be honest to yourself and others and you’ll be just fine

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Always consider how your actions might affect others before you act.
Smile and look people in the eye when you talk to them.
Confidence is a big part of being a nice guy. People like a person who is confident.

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People make a good impression on me when they engage me in a conversation and seem legitimately interested in what I am saying (even if they’re not). For example, if there was a new student on my floor, I’d go up to him and ask him where he’s from, what he likes to do for fun, etc. Usually you’ll find something in common with the other person and then you can go on from there. I think people like when other people take an interest in what they do. It makes them feel worthwhile.

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In addition to the other responses, I find that it helps to always try to imagine being in the other person’s shoes… we do not always know their background or the reasons why they may act/react in particular ways. I also try to find something I have in common with every person that I meet.

The “Golden Rule” is usually a good foundation: treat others the way you would want to be treated.

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Listen to people. You’d be shocked at how well people react to others who actually listen to them. I’m trying to get better at this aspect myself, so I wish you well on your noble endeavor.

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Truth and confidence…coupled with humility…can’t go wrong..and if you get it right… ,my number is….

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Previous replies have already covered the basic descriptors of a ‘nice guy’ so all I shall offer you is the advice to not be spurious. Many people who have attempted to be ‘nice’ as a means of improving themselves (or attaining whatever else they should seek by such means) often drop into the pitfall of the ‘nice stereotype’. That is they begin to smile at everything another says, they offer hugs and handshakes at every opportunity etc. Some of the nicest people I have met in my life typically look miserable and make no extensive effort to act kindly to me yet it is easy to deduce that they are nice people.
Your goal is admirable but my advice is to simply be wary of coming across as fake.

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Listen to people. Act like you have nothing to offer, but your body and mind. Meaning, just be there, and offer your own insight whenever possible. Learn from other peoples’ situations and help them solve their problems so when you come across another person with a similar problem, you can help them too.

Recap: Listen to people. Help people w/out expecting anything in return. Don’t be afraid to get flamed for being nice or cheesy, even the little things.

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be honest with the ones who need it, and keep silent with the people who deserve it

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