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How can I hide my swollen face, so people at school won't see it.

Asked by izzyrockz (46points) May 14th, 2009

My eyes are swollen
My cheecks are swollen and its really bad. I was absent today, but I cabt be absent tomorrow because I have a test.

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Cold water reduces swelling, but it doesn’t last long… It also makes your face red, so I’m guessing it’s not an option :P

Why is your face swollen?

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Other than a burqa, I think you’ll just have to deal with a little swollen face. Sorry about that; maybe it won’t be so bad in the morning.

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Well you can go old school with some huge sunglasses, but I’d just stay home if I were you.
Did you at least hit back?

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My face is swollen because I was allergic to something.

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@izzyrockz Allergic to something? And the swelling has lasted several days? Have you seen a doctor?

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I can’t miss school, I have a big test.

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you can try putting ice on it so the swelling can go down.

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Allergies: Anti-histamines and rest.
Shower before bed, carefull with hygiene (don’t rub your eyes), close the windows and drink lots of water.

Or just ‘fess up to everyone, it’s not like allergies are uncommon…

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Im seeing a doctor right now.

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Im going to do that. Thanks

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I think you should get a doctors opinion. He’ll reccomend somethinq for you. Then don’t touch or rub your face. And Try to relax the day before. And dont put strange cream or anything else on your face it could probably make it worse. hope u feel better. And good luck on the test. :)

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put a bag over your head

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or make up the test

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Unless you are in pain, I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s temporary, and you are showing courage and dignity by showing up for your test, which by the way is alot more important than what anyone else thinks. Chances are, you’ll probably receive more concern than ugliness from folks. Just my opinion.

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@gtown you are right.
What do I do if people come up to my face and just make fun of me.

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Shrug and move on.
You’re old enough to know they aren’t worth your time or energy.

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Unless they are small minded, I wouldn’t worry about it. If someone does get ugly, look them in the eye and in a very sincere tone of voice reply, “I’d rather this had happened to me than to you.”, then keep on walking. You’ve just left them speechless.

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Removed by me because I failed to read the entire thread and missed the part about allergies

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@gtown Thanks I shouldn’t mind. Wow you give some good advice.

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izzyrockz, on a lighter note, here’s what happened to me. It was dark, and I was in a hurry out of the house when I forgot something inside. I quickly ran in to the house to retrieve it forgetting I had shut the sliding glass door in the Florida room and ran face first into it. I went to work (local government job) the next day sporting 2 of the blackest eyes and swollen nose you had ever seen. People asked me for almost 2 weeks what happened, I said aw this ain’t nothing, you should see what my husband looks like (smile).

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Moderated by me, since the original post I was replying to was moderated

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[mod says] Personal attacks are not permitted, and have been removed.

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The last part was funny.
Thanks again

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@ The comprehensive heretic-
Im sorry is that im in a bad mood. I got carried away.Sorry for being rude, is just not me.

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Take an antihistamine (like benadryl) and some advil. It won’t stop the swelling completely, but it should help.

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If it’s an allergy and you’re seeing a doctor, if it’s medically justified you should be able to stay home from school despite the big test. Your teacher will accept a doctor’s note as a reason for a makeup test.

But if you’re just upset about how you look—don’t be. You had an allergic reaction. People may tease you, but in 3 or 4 days you’ll be back to looking the way you did before, and then what will it matter if you were teased?

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@izzyrockz It doesn’t sound pleasant.
No worries. It’s understandable.

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Anybody who makes fun of a person because of an allergic reaction is not worth your time. Ignore them.

I always think of this shirt when that kind of thing happens. Your version would say “but I will get better.”

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@The comprehensive heretic-thanks for forgivin me.
The doctor gave me some cream for my allergies and I got some shots.I love when they take out blood. Im getting better though.

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@izzyrockz : Why don’t you try Allergy shots or immunotherapy?, it will help you to manage allergies in the future.

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Either cut some eye holes in a paper bag or take a benadryl. how the hell else could you hide your face? Ski mask, I suppose, but then someone might think you’re gonna hold up a convenience store.

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