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What sights do I definitely have to see when I visit Havana?

Asked by RareDenver (13155points) May 14th, 2009

I’m going to Cuba very soon on my honeymoon and am going to spend 3 days of it in Havana, my soon to be mother-in-law is a huge Beatles fan and wants a picture of us by the John Lennon statue they have there. We of course are going to Club Tropicana but what else is a must see in Havana?

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Are you American? I didn’t know americans were able to get in, I’ve always wanted to go, my whole family is from cuba, I’m sorry this doesn’t answer your question but I’m very curious to know

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No I’m not American, I’m British, and you are correct in a manner of speaking. Americans are welcome to go to Cuba but America has made it illegal for American citizens to go there.

The best way to visit Cuba is to travel via either Canada or Mexico. The Cuban authorities will not stamp a US passport so you don’t get in trouble when you get home.

Basically the Cubans have no problem with US Citizens visiting for genuine reasons, however the US Government do have issues with US citizens, corporations etc having anything to do with Cuba. It’s that paranoia thing they seem to have with socialism/communism.

Although from recent events under your new president it may not be this way much longer.

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Thanks(= very informative

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Although Cuba have closed all flights from Mexico currently due to swine flu!

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lol yea I’d imagine so.

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I heard a really bad joke the other day, I apologise for repeating it.

“They said the day Americans voted in a black president pigs would fly, a couple months later… Swine Flu!”

Yeah I told you it was bad, I’m not worried about swine flu though, I’ve got some oinkment!

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Well, it’s said that Hemingway wrote on the wall at La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana,
“I drink my mojitos at la Bodequita and at La Floridita”. La Bodeguita had celebrities like Brigitte Bardot, Nat King Cole, Jimmy Durante, and Erroll Flynn in the old days. I would take a look.

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Oh yeah I remember reading about that somewhere, I’ll have to search out the place for a mojito, although belive it or not the best mojito I have ever had is at a back street bar in Novi Sad, Serbia

Weird I know but it’s true

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@RareDenver Man, yes, that sounds weird cool. What an easter egg!

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Here is me at La Floridita standing next to the statue of Ernest Hemingway

It’s not a very good picture at all

Here I am in Cuba looking happier

Oh and the mojito I had at La Floridita was good but only on a par with the one in Serbia, my wife however loved her daiquiri.

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