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What is best way to spend a tree-day trip in Yosemite?

Asked by augama (106points) December 21st, 2007

I will be driving from San Francisco so it takes about 4 hours to get there and the same amount of time to come back.

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Make sure to hike Yosemite falls. The hike is just long enough to make you work a little and it is beautiful. Also Nevada Falls is a great short one and if you are an experienced climber, well, there is El Capitain. I also recommend staying in the climbers camping ground – it is more exciting for sure.

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Is this winter or summer? Winter you are pretty limited and have some hikes from Yosemite Valley. If summer, I would spend a day in the Valley at most (good ambitious hike is to hike up from the Valley to Glacier Point and then along the Panoramic Trail and down by Vernal Fall). Spend the rest up around Tuolumne Meadows – less people and lots of great hikes.

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If summer, float down the river with a raft (you can bring your own raft) or rent a raft at camp curry (make sure you get a 2 dollar pass for shuttle to pick you up at the end back to camp curry)

You can see the views from the river.

Check out Glacier Point to see views of the valley at sunset or full moon lit nights.

I’ve enjoyed hike on Vernal Falls in summer.

Check out backyard of Ahwahnee a paper and have their coffee.

or brunch at Ahwahnee hotel if you are there sunday morning.

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Over christmas holidays, I just noticed Sunset magazine released a new issue (Winter 2008) about Yosemite things to do during wintertime. They mentioned ice skating during wintertime.

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