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Summer jobs?

Asked by lilaznstar235 (53points) May 16th, 2009 from iPhone

Where can I find a part time job for the summer? I’m planning on going into the medicalfield in college so are there any jobs in that field? Where do I start?

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Here in our area most of the summer jobs are going to people who have been laid off other jobs. Even the temporary amusement park jobs that used to go to students are now being filled with experienced out of work people.

In the medical field, you might have a better chance, expecially with the nursing homes and hospitals. Also check out home care providers.

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Maybe work as a lifeguard at local YMCA/YWCA/beach, you need to learn CPR from RedCross most likely.

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Look for internships. Upside: looks great on resume and gives you practical experience. Downside: No pay.

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Look wherever you see a sign that says “Now Hiring.” Even with the unemployment rate going up a huge number of our local restaurants seem to need wait staff.

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maybe at a drug store? It’s a start.

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There are many kinds of medical jobs available such as clinical research analyst, pharmacist, physio therapist, biotech jobs etc. Now, i suggest you a platform which has different kinds of medical categories into it. So, just go through it and check if it’s useful. Here we go, It has lots of job listings which will be useful to you.

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