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It seems that there are many more servive members here than I am used to. Do you feel that women are qualified for comabt arms occupations?

Asked by FGS (1932points) May 16th, 2009

If women can perform to the standard that is expected of men, then by all means..have at it.

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Yes. Sorry, don’t have much more to say about it than yes.

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One of my company commanders in boot camp was a 5’4 woman, but I guarantee you she would have kicked all our asses. You know it’s you, Petty Officer Dolly!

(the name, the irony)

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Yes, I think they are & if they choose to enlist – their treatment & opportunities should be the same as they are for the guys. Equality must be truly equal if it is to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, there seems to be some elements in the military (males) who do not share this opinion & have made physical attacks upon many of the females in the military. A military group is supposed to be a functioning unit that watches out for each other – this is vital, especially during a wartime situation – many women are willing to be a part of the military as a fully functioning member, if they are allowed to do so.

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Of course silly… Someone has to cook and clean up the kitchen-even in the military…oh but they have it easy with the ironing because they have these giant presses. It’s truly amazing the advances that women have access to these days…

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@SeventhSense Way to go, dimwit – there has to be one in every crowd it seems.

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@SeventhSense ok, I am glad to know that you were kidding – so I now take back the ‘dimwit’ remark !

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Yes, they receive the same training and they are required to be just as capable, or they are not given that kind of duty. Not all military men are capable of it, and neither are all military women. Every effort is made to see that our combat forces are fully capable of the work they have to perform.

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Women are completely capable in all regards to serve in the military.

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Women serving in combat zones is commonplace in the US armed forces. I think it would be sexist not to allow women into combat roles.

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Absolutely. As @FGS puts it, if women can perform to the standard that is expected of men, then by all means… have at it.

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Yarnlady said it all, some people are cut out for combat and some people aren’t, it does not necessarily depend on gender.

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however i think `Should Women be allowed..?’* questions shouldn’t be allowed… in that it is a sad state of affairs where a debate as to what is and is not permissable for women hasn’t been put to rest decades ago. It is interesting that in Socialist countries and probably Israel, it is taken for granted that women participate in the Military, according to their individual capabilities, maybe capitalist countries prefer women in a more docile role, unstimulated and unchallanged…and unthreatening

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Yes, women are qualified but the way most American men have been raised, men are not ready for it. Even though the military men put thier lives at risk to protect a buddy, They are more apt to put themselves in needless danger in what they percieve as protecting a woman, whether she may actually need it or not.

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Israel is a capitalist country.

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@SeventhSense Israel is a nationalistic fascist state, the capitalist nature of it’s economy is a secondary consideration

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Please spare me.

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@SeventhSense certainly bears all the hallmarks

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