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Considering the bizarre legal situation in the US regarding minors and sexuality, do you think it is legally possible in the US for a minor to be convicted of child abuse for simply masturbating?

Asked by ragingloli (43794points) May 16th, 2009
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No way in hell.

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Only if they did it out where everyone could see it, and how likely is that, given the level of angst commonly felt by children old enough to masturbate?

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Rofl I sure hope not, but then, I wouldn’t be surprised either, haha.

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Only one way to find out…

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Beating the Meat
Chokin’the Chicken
Fist Fuck

With this type of violence it’s inevitable the police will get involved…:)~

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You forgot flogging the dolphin

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That would be a complete waste of the court’s time.

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i thought of posting a list but it would actually take up like 10 pages :)

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Hahaha! You funny and
<— I’m going to jail.

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In public, you mean? I can see the child or his parents being admonished for it, but I can’t imagine anyone taking legal action for it.

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If he was doing it in public, I think the charge would be indecent exposure or some such, but in private, how would anybody even know?

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TECHNICALLY any form of sodomy is illegal (in most states) ... this includes oral and anal sex. They’re just un-enforced laws.

Kids were recently charged with child pornography for having pictures of themselves naked on their cell phones.

SO if you found a lawyer with enough balls, there is precedent to charge a child with child molestation for masturbating.

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this would be up there with charging suicide survivors with attempted murder.

If you take the law to far it stops helping and starts hurting.

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Well there would be some infants in jail too. My nephew grabs it every time that diaper comes off.

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What’s the statue of limitations on something like that? I have MANY counts that would be pending since like the sixth grade. Not to mention if it could be counted as battery when your an adult. I’m so screwed, and obviously not in a good way… I’m with Astro, CATCH ME IF YA CAN, COPPAS!

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Logically, no. But we’ve already seen children getting divorced from their parents, and all sorts of other (non-legal) weird stuff in America. So I wouldn’t be surprised.

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@ragingloli If you are thinking of trying this, please check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to engage in such activity, and consult your attorney to see if he will defend you in case you are arrested.

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@westy81585: Not really—after the Supreme Court said, “OMFG are you KIDDING ME?” with that TX sodomy case, there really isn’t precedent. If anything, the opposite.

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Um… no.

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They’d probably jail the parents for being neglectful.

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@EmpressPixie – Is that a direct quote? If so, which Justice?

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I think it was Ginsburg.

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hahahahaha, ginsburg would say that….

But no seriously, most states have laws on the books outlawing sodomy

I’m not saying that the case would win against the kid, but there’s definitely laws that would “technically” make it illegal. I mean does it make sense that all these kids with naked pictures of themselves on their cell phones are now registered sex offenders charged with child pornography? (In fairness, they are trying to implement laws that would retroactively make those kids NOT sex offenders or guilty of child porno..)

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Well, the way I look at it, male ejaculate equals millions of sperm, and each one of those sperm is a possible human being, and since all humans have souls, masturbating means you have just killed about 100 million Christian souls. So jacking off is murder, and therefore a punishable offense, at least in the eyes of God.

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That sperm is actually half of a possible human life. =) That would make it about 50 million Christian souls.

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@Randy That’s a lot of dead Christians in one single ply of Kleenex, doncha think?

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