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Best hidden food gems of San Francisco?

Asked by occ (4051points) December 21st, 2007

I don’t mean restaurants…I“m talking about awesome small food discoveries that many people might not know about…

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For example…there is a little liquor store on 15th and Castro and the owner’s mom, who is palestinian, makes the most amazing hummus which they sell right there in the store. They also sell her incredible labane cheese and baba ganouj and a yummy spicy salsa-esque dip.

Or—at the Bombay Indian Ice Cream place on Valencia and 16th, you can also get yummy quick samosas for only $1.50! Perfect for a cheap snack when you’re doing some mission shopping.

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There’s a liquor store/deli at the up the hill at ashbury and the street that runs by the n-judah stop, they have amazing samosas.

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Blondie’s Pizza has delicious pizza. theres one in Frisco and one in Berkeley.

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Yamo. 18th and Mission. Best hole in the wall.

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what kind of food does Yamo serve?

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Modern Tea- at Laguna and Hayes- makes great, organic local comfort food. I live around the corner and the first year I lived here I thought they only had tea.

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Mission Pie on the corner of 25th and Mission Street. Pies are made with organic, local produce, and are super yummy.

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