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Would you be my friend if I wore this?

Asked by hannahsugs (3243points) May 19th, 2009

I have a party to go to tonight. The theme is “Would you be my friend if I wore this?” I don’t know what to wear, help!

How would you interpret this theme?

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Playboy bunny.

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80’s punk look

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It means totally embarrassing.

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NAZI Uniform

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old lady sweaters.
We did 70’s music video themes once. THAT was a… blast.

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It means something embarassing. I would go in renfest garb. Or cosplay garb. Or as glam as humanly possible. “Can we still be friends if I look this good?” type thing.

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Gay 90’s…...

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a big clock around your neck for a necklace and some red straight-legged baggies on helium with a high-top fade and a whole lot of parts in your hair as you are doused in a lot of “aramis” cologne and high-top adidas gym shoes. you have a burgundy member’s only jacket to boot when it gets a little chilly outside.

yeah, i wanna be your friend.

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TWO WORDS> Assless champs

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I agree with the general consensus. It means something embarassing.

Actually this happened to me in real life once. I was a freshman in college. I put on a mini skort (shirt with shorts underneath) to go to the mall. My friend promptly told me that if I didn’t change she wasn’t going. I was pissed but I changed because she took a poll and apparently everyone else felt the same way too. I think I even have a picture of it. Of course I am quite tall and you can’t tell in the pic just how short the skirt is because it cuts off above my knees. Well maybe you could tell just by that fact, haha.

My sister used to wear polka dot stretch pants with striped shirts. I’m serious. Try wearing that. lol.

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@RedPowerLady Good thing you changed.

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The main problem is that I don’t have any interesting clothes, and this is at the last minute. My wardrobe consists of jeans and t-shirts, with a few normal-looking skirts and dresses. I think I’m going to have to be lame about it and wear boring clothes: If you don’t like me in my normal clothes, then you’re not worth being my friend!

Alternately, I could wear a sign that says: “would you still be my friend, even though I don’t own any interesting clothes?”

But please, keep posting ideas! Maybe something will jump out at me that I can pull off at the last minute.

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@hannahsugs How about some dirty clothes, and a sign that says “Will work for food”?

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@bob_ what, what’s wrong with it? haha

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@hannahsugs You could always wear your clothes inside out or better yet wear your underwear outside your clothes. Haha.

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you could go as a dead fetus. You might even lose friends over that one.

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The H1N1 virus. Although I’m not sure how you could pull that off!

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Hmmm, out of your own closet???that makes it harder. Maybe a dress with every piece of jewelry you own or can borrow from people and sandals with socks. I hear that socks with sandals is a deal breaker for friendship

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@RedPowerLady Oh, where to start… hehehe… :P

You do look real fine, though.

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Since you say you don’t have anything you can throw together, I also suggest wearing underwear on the outside of your jeans. A thong, if you have one. Also, put a bra on the outside of your shirt. That’d work pretty well! :)

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Go with a gangster look. Pick a color (red for the Bloodz, or blue for the Crips) and wear that. Include a bandana or hat in the same color and you are set. If you search google, you can get a sense for the style.

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Wear your jeans inside out, and your shirt inside out and backwards. And two different shoes. And wear a collender on your head as a hat. And in the middle of the party pee on yourself. Alright. That last part might have gone a bit to far.

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@shilolo Are you trying to get her killed?

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A dominitrix outfit complete with riding crop?

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@YARNLADY Considering she attends Wesleyan, I think the odds are low of a drive by.

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I agree with the chaps idea; a la Christina Aguilera “Dirrty” stylie, eeep.

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I read a report that an out of town visitor was waiting at a gas station when a stranger drove up, walked over to his car, shot him in the head, and drove away. It later came out that it was a mistaken identity because of what he was wearing.

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Go as Sarah Palin. Wear a real fur coat with lots of elephant pins attached.

Don’t forget the bright red lipstick!

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a diaper lol

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hooker uniform

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the steve urkel look “Did i dooo that” lol

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you could go as gonorrhea

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@shilolo that would be a good look if they were in the hood….Whatever you do dnt wear that @hannahsugs if you want to live lol

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A cock costume. There was a guy just sitting in front of the market last halloween wearing one.

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Thanks all! Your ideas have been very fun to read. I think I’m going to make a shirt with the name and colors of one of our rival colleges. Keep the ideas flowing, it’s a fun conversation!

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@hannahsugs i sure wouldnt want be your friend if you were representing a rival school lol

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dress as a mime lol

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heels with socks

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Cher’s “Turn Back Time” outfit.

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Crack whore.
A child molester. Wear a hoodie with candy in your pockets offering it to people.

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@casheroo: your second idea cracks me up. I would totally do it if I hadn’t already put time into making a college shirt.

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@casheroo. 2nd idea is hilarious

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Wear an aluminum foil hat and look paranoid

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@whatthefluther Great…and she can say “The aliens are coming, The aliens are coming!!!” LOL

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Wear plaids with stripes, polka dots and paisleys. Make sure they’re all different color families. Better yet, make sure a few pieces are neon-colored. Top with bandanna. Oh, stuff your chest so it looks like each boob is pendulous and can wobble to and fro. Have one super-lopsided boob.

Because I wouldn’t be your friend if I saw you in such a get-up.

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This is an awesome idea and I am so using it for my party :D
hope you found something and had a good time at the party!

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I can’t take credit for the child molester idea, that was my husbands suggestion. lol

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