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Does anybody have that friend who gets jealous of other friends?

Asked by lisaj89 (720points) May 19th, 2009

I have two very close friends who I am with, at least one or the other, almost all the time. Partially because I work with both. One is only a little younger than myself, and the other is a few years older and great to seek advice from. Lately, I have been spending a lot of time with the older friend without the younger. Now, if I mention anything about my older friend to the younger, she always has to comment about how we spend so much time together and she is being left out. It’s not as if we are meeting behind her back. She still lives at home and is very worried about not pissing her mom off by being out. Does anybody have this type of friend? I love the girl to death but the whole situation is getting annoying!

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Yes! And my wife and I were just talking about her. She can be so sweet but she’s pushed away so many of her friends because of her immature jealosy games. She is in her sixties but is emotionally about eight years old.

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…yes… i am pretty tolerant of friends’ choices, so as long as it is not illegal and/or nobody gets hurt…

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Yes, I have one. After junior high I caught on and found it amusing.

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Yes! Your question reminded me of an insane experience I had related to this. When I was about 9 years old, I had 2 really good friends who lived nearby. One of them was a real homebody, shy, a bit conservative, and not interested in ever pushing the envelope. The other was a creative risktaker who loved to stretch the limits, and she was loads of fun to be with. I loved them both. One day the 3 of us were together and they told me (all huddled up together) that they had to talk to me. They said we needed to have a meeting, and invited me back to the risktaker’s house. Yikes. I was a very tender kid, and this shook me up to no end. Well, what they needed to tell me is that I had to choose between them. It wasn’t fair for me to have two best friends. They wanted me to choose or they’d never talk to me again. Period. Huh? And can you believe it? To this day, I can’t remember what I said after that, what they said, or how this was ever resolved. What in the world could I possibly have said or done in response to such lunacy?? I sure wish I could be a fly on the wall (from here) during that wacky interrogation. Hence, I don’t tolerate extreme jealousy from anyone, friends or otherwise. Or maybe what I don’t tolerate are the actions someone might take as a result of that jealousy, and how it might influence their behavior towards me.

Tell her you love her, you’ll spend time with whomever you like, whenever you like, and to stop the silliness…

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