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Can you recommend good websites from which to read the news?

Asked by noelasun (1894points) May 20th, 2009

I’m linked to receive CNN headlines every morning.
But the titles that are incredibly misleading have annoyed me to a point where I can not read the news on CNN without feeling disgusted. (not a good way to start ones morning not that the news itself is much better…)
So, to the point, can you recommend me some good websites to browse for news on?

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gailcalled's avatar…leans this way…\... like the NYTimes. They both have good editorials and opinions pieces.

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Ha ha. The official political codes for media outlets today. \|/. clever.

Maybe there is some you like here.

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What you should do is sign up for Google Reader:

Then, add all the RSS feeds to the sites you like (and the ones suggested here). This allows you to view news coming on to every site you’re interested in, and you can easily categorize it or organize it by topic, source, etc.

It really does make things way simpler.

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I haven’t tried it personally, but I’ve heard some really good things about the readability, design, and sheer usefulness of the NY Times iPhone application.

Check out the iterative design process that went into crafting the icons.

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Try – it gives you news from multiple outlets on one page

gambitking's avatar is your one stop shop.

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I agree about the CNN headlines. Soemone is always “slamming” someone else. (Usually Dick Cheney is the “slammer.”) However, I do still read it as well as Yahoo and I occasionally look at the Huffington Post too.

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@janbb Yeah, I’ve wondered about that word. Slam. Where did that come from, is it a real word from the beginning or is it just made up, and why did every media outlet start to use it suddenly?

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