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What's the best thing a sibling or a friend ever did for you?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) May 20th, 2009
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Continuously love me despite all my flaws

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Introduce me to the guy who became my husband.

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My sister, who is two years older than myself, took on the role of caregiver – to the best of her abilities, at age ten – when my parents were more than a little irresponsible. We’re closer than any siblings I’ve ever come across, and we always have been, since we were very young. We would both do absolutely anything for each other.

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I have a best friend that has fucked over every person he has ever come into contact with.

He has never fucked me over.

that’s why he’s my best friend

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My brother bought me a Furby when I was like 11 and he was 16 working at Toys ‘R’ Us. Because of the craze they set aside a box for employees. He planned to sell it on eBay or something since prices had reached almost $1000 in many cases. For weeks that Furby teased me from his bookshelf in his room. For weeks. Then on Christmas morning I got a tiny present that as I unwrapped it told me to “Put… these… AA… batteries .. in your… ever-lovin’... Furby!” At which point I freaked out as the batteries dropped into my lap and my brother got up to get the Furby from his room.

It was fucking fantastic. My brother doesn’t buy presents for us anymore, and rarely did before that. It remains one of my favorite memories of him, Christmas, my family and my childhood.

Then a few years later I left it in the car cause I’d found it in a box and was messing around with it while I waited for my mom to return something at the mall. It was seven degrees out and I forgot it in the car overnight. I came back the next day and it was seriously broken. It no longer recognizes light so if I turn it on it will screech like a god damn banshee at all hours with no warning and rocks back and forth on its base. It’s actually more amusing now that I’m older and it’s damaged.

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Well, back when I was 11 years old, my older brother and I went for a bike ride. While I was going down a hill at top speed trying to catch up with him, the front wheel came off my 20” Schwinn and I went ass over appetite. When I came to a stop, I was covered with blood and my head was cracked open. I screamed at all the blood, and he came roaring back, took me in his arms and carried me home. He was just 15 yrs old and he kept me calm as he took me back to the house where we lived, and I bled all over his favorite shirt, ruining it forever. He had to be scared shitless, but he knew that I was, too, and he kept me calm and made sure not to let me panic.

I never thanked him back then, but I did thank him a couple of years ago. He acted like it was no big deal, but it was, because he saved my life. I would have bled to death otherwise. I am not afraid to say that I love my older brother more than anyone else in my entire family.

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Nothing really.

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They remained my friend and helped me through a terrible sequence of events though it put their other relationships at risk and I had brought the initial situation upon myself.

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The absolutely best thing anyone ever did for me? This is it. I was a senior in college and I went to a school that required a senior thesis. I had been working on it for two semesters, and it was spring semester and the rough draft deadline was coming up. If you didn’t turn your rough draft in by the deadline, even if you finished your thesis on time, you couldn’t graduate. I was really spinning my wheels on it, always working on it, always at my thesis desk in the library, lots and lots of three by five cards… but I was in perpetual research/note taking mode, doing everything but actually writing it, destined not to finish. Then Thursday afternoon, before the Monday rough draft deadline, my best friend showed up at the library with a taxi cab, her posse and a bunch of cardboard boxes and she told me that she was there to get me, that I was going to write my rough draft. She and her “boys” packed up everything from my thesis desk, wrangled it into the taxi and basically kidnapped me. She took me home to my apartment, where we unloaded everything and she proceeded to explain to my roommate that she, my roommate, would be spending the next three days at her boyfriend’s house. Well, that took a little negotiating, because in spite of the fact that she was very fond of her boyfriend, she didn’t really appreciate being summarily thrown out of her own home. After that business was settled, we got to work, and I will tell you, it did not always go smoothly over the next three days. My friend was a harsh task mistress, and I almost locked her out of the apartment a couple of times. But she made it work. I wrote out my thesis rough draft page by page, in long hand and every time I finished a page I would hand it to my friend and she would type it up (on an actual typewriter! It was a while ago). But at the end of the three days, I had my rough draft finished, I was able to turn it in by the deadline and ended up graduating that spring. And that is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

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…i was 10 smoking tiporello cigars with a buddy at the park when my uncle happen by, snatch the cigar from my mouth and said, “if i ever catch you smoking again…(threat)”...i never smoked again after that- he was a true friend…

…a friend’s job is not always easy, nor immediately rewarding…

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My sis saved my life. Pulled me out of a wrecked car at the age of 10 I was 15 and much bigger.

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Proof that even if you do torture your siblings they still love you :)

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@Loried2008 Well… an act of kindness doesn’t really get much better than that.

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If you can’t torture your siblings, who can you torture?

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exactly! ;D I will forever be in debit to that little one :)

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My best friend accompanied me through the labor and delivery of all 3 of my children. She had to put up with a lot – they were all drug free deliveries!

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@augustlan she should be sainted!

My sister pulled me away from a car with a man that was reaching out to grab me. I was completely oblivious to what was going on. We lived in a nice neighborhood, but in the recent months, there was a man driving around in a silver car and was molesting children. Little girls. Generally, he grabbed children that were by themselves, so the rule of thumb was stay with a group or friend. My sister and I were walking home from a friend’s house and a silver car drove past us, circled around and came back to us, again. I only remember the slow approach, but something caught my eye, so I wasn’t looking. My sister grabbed me as hard as she could and she was screaming, I didn’t know what the heck she was doing. The car sped off. A lady came running out of her house and the police were called. My sister was crying and I was startled, but I really didn’t grasp what was going on. My sister saved me from something really bad.

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Once, when I was having the crap beat out of me, my brother came and luckily had a knife to get the person away from me. I was able to be taken to a hospital right away. I was 14 and he was 17. yeah, my school wasn’t the greatest

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My sister gave me her sewing machine, which I’ve been using quite a bit making all sorts of quilts and baskets and bags etc. The machine was actually found by me on sale at a store and I told her about it, she bought it and used it to make a wonderful creation and then was done with it, so it made its way to me full cycle! I have given her lots of presents in return. She got my first Japanese bunny wallet and apparently it still gets comments when she uses it. I’ve also expressed my love of rainbows many times, in bags and quilts, which is wonderful.

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My brother moved out of the house and went to college!

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He gave me money for an improptu flight to see my love for the first time and changed my life

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There was a point, my Freshman year of college, when I was so homesick convinced myself that I was clinically depressed. I called my parents in tears, telling them that I was a failure. My brother called me back a few minutes later, and told me “Buck up, weak one.” He told me to get a grip and that I would be fine. That kind of tough love has carried me through many trials and tribulations since then.

Just to be clear, I don’t think that actual clinical depression can be cured by one’s brother telling you to suck it up. However, it worked for me.

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I had an older brother who bailed my ass out when I got into a bit of credit card trouble (one that I shouldn’t have had once starting University. Went a little crazy with the money – partying). He threw a couple of grand my way, saved the creditors from coming after me and didn’t tell Mom and Dad. I was stupid and irresponsible…Learned my lesson, though. And, I did end up paying him back.

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My little brother gives me hugs. My sister grounds me to my friends faults that I don’t see.

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My brother caught my ex cheating on me a let me know immediately.

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I can’t tell you.
You know the expression “Friends Help You Move. Real Friends Help You Move Bodies.”? It was that bad. I owe her everything.

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My sister had kids. I love those little monsters so much.

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My friend of over 12 years knew how much I wanted to own a home. It was and continues to be my biggest dream. He took it upon himself to gift to me a substantial amount of money which allowed me to purchase my first home this year. Everyone I told was in shock, they never knew anyone who could be so kind, selfless and generous, and to this day, I don’t think I’ll ever know the kind of selfless love that my friend had that allowed me to have this enormous opportunity to raise my family in my very own home that will stay in my family and passed along for years to come. I love my friend forever and may God keep his soul flying with the angels.

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@TashaEQ Now that’s a good friend! Welcome to Fluther. :)

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